First 210mm n-type monocrystalline ingot rolls off production line at Trina Solar Qinghai Factory

In mid-February, the first 210mm n-type monocrystalline ingot rolled off the production line at Trina Solar’s Qinghai Factory in northwestern China, marking significant progress in the factory’s Phase I. The factory aims to be the first zero-carbon park in Qinghai.

Construction of the 20GW monocrystalline ingot Qiinghai project began on July 1 last year. Little more than eight months later the first monocrystalline furnace was ignited for calcination, on February 10, and was officially commissioned two days later. On the evening of February 17 the first monocrystalline ingot rolled off the production line, once again demonstrating Trina’s ability to get important projects up and running in a very short time.

The 210mm n-type monocrystalline ingots are mainly used to ensure the production capacity and quality of Trina Solar’s n-type modules. The 210mm n-type monocrystalline ingot coming off the production line is 3800mm long and weighs 542kg, which is at the world’s leading level in terms of production technology, quality and scale.

Trina Solar has always maintained high standards and rigorous requirements in manufacturing. The number of particles of size 0.5 µm or larger per cubic meter of air in the monocrystalline silicon workshop is less than 100,000, and the number of particles of size 0.5 µm or larger per cubic meter of air in materials preparation areas is less than 10,000, well above industry standards.

As the Qinghai factory covers almost the entire PV manufacturing chain, it will become one of Trina Solar’s main factories for ensuring the supply of primary materials for Trina Solar’s 210mm n-type modules and create greater value for customers in the n-type era. Recently upgraded, the Ace Mix of Vertex n-type modules of 605W and 695W can be used in a wide range of complex settings, such as mountainous terrain, water surfaces, desert and Gobi. Trina Solar’s n-type full-scenario solutions will thus help users derive great benefits in many settings.

Trina Solar is committed to building the first Zero-Carbon Industrial Park featuring Source-Grid-Load-Storage integrated operation in Qinghai based on the concept of green and low-carbon development. The company will integrate its advantages in technology and industry with Qinghai’s advantages in resources and location, looking forward to integrating zero-carbon solar energy and energy storage in Qinghai and thus building a stable and environmentally friendly zero-carbon energy system.