Ready! To enter the field to get the ticket “Heavenly Moment” Kim Mingue Fanmeet in Bangkok

The Seat map is ready! Fan Benefit is ready! Fans are ready! To enter the field to get the ticket “Heavenly Moment” Kim Mingue Fanmeet in Bangkok Once throughout the country on April 2

Warm up your fingers to be ready for get the tickets yet? With the fan meeting of the charming dimple guy Kim Min Gue with the “Heavenly Moment” Kim Min Gue Fan meeting in Bangkok, which will be held on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at the Thammasat Main Auditorium, Tha Prachan. After the organizer and send a seating plan and special privileges to Thai fans get to know each other before having the strength to enter the ticketing field on Sunday, April 2nd!! which can be said that it is another event that fans of this young man should not be missed, because if they do not meet each other this time .You may have to sing for him for a long time.

This event can be considered as an event organized by MG CONNEXT led by Mr. Alex Moon, a former Korean singer and actor, open the market for importing artists By starting with a young Kim Min Gue And not only that, MG CONNEXT also brings Thai artists to perform abroad as well. and it is well known that this is a fan meeting this time of young Kim Min Gue who has always supported him well and it is well known that this young man is not only good at acting. His singing abilities are second to none. which he proved to the fans Seen from the role of a young idol from “The Heavenly Idol” that the series is now becoming more and more intense.

And soon Thai fans will meet the real one, his real voice in an atmosphere full of happiness. True fans of Kim Min Gue, don’t miss it!! Prepare to lock your own queue well. Once again, the fan meeting “Heavenly Moment” Kim Min Gue Fanmeet in Bangkok has officially started selling tickets. On Sunday, April 2, 2023 onwards via Thaiticket Major Tickets are priced at 5,600 / 4,600 / 3,600 and 2,600 baht. For more details and seating plans, follow on Facebook: including IG and Twitter : @mgconnext certifies that this fan meeting Young Kim Min Gue guarantees fun, ready to arrange hard, full for the fans and go to make an impression on this fan meeting event together!!