Gotion High-tech and Edison Power Co., Ltd. Reached a Strategic Cooperation

Focus on large storage battery and recycling, opening up the Japanese market


On March 15th, Gotion High-tech and Edison Power Co., Ltd. entered into a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop large storage battery and recycling market in Japan, promote the popularization of renewable energy, and introduce Gotion’s batteries into the Japanese market.

With the development of renewable energy worldwide and the revision of Japan’s Electricity Business Act in May 2022, the large storage battery industry in Japan has new opportunities.

According to the agreement, during the cooperation period, the two companies will develop market strategies respond to market demands, with a planned sales target of 1 GWh for the first year, rising to 2 GWh annually from the second year onwards. Gotion High-tech will provide cells, modules, BMS, etc., while Edison Power Co., Ltd. will be responsible for customer management, EPC services, energy storage system operation and maintenance, and other market-side services.

In addition,Gotion is a circular type from the possession of raw material mines for LFP (lithium iron phosphate) batteries to the recycling system after disposal. As a responsible international enterprise, Gotion High-tech will also work with Edison Power to establish a circular storage battery recycling system in Japan.