JINGHAO Partners with Fosun Trade for Hearing Aids in the Global Area

Jinghao Medical (JINGHAO), an emerging and disruptive leading company in the filed of hearing aid solutions, is pleased to announce the signing of a cooperation agreement with Fosun Trade. The signing ceremony was held on March 3rd in Thailand and the senior executives and representatives of both companies attended the meeting.

The cooperation agreement aims to leverage the expertise and excellent service of both companies to bring innovative and leading hearing solutions to customers worldwide. Under the agreement, both companies will cooperate on business development projects, commercialization, and marketing initiatives.

“We are excited to secure Fosun Trade as a global partner,” said the Vice president of Jinghao Medical, “We have been cultivating hearing products and committed to promoting our hearing solutions to the world. The cooperation with Fosun Trade will bring a comprehensive and rapid development to the distribution network”.

The cooperation is a major expansion for Fosun Trade and JINGHAO’s footprint in the global market. It is a significant milestone for both companies and highlights their dedication to advancing the hearing aid line and delivering innovative treatments to users. It was a testament to the shared commitment and vision of JINGHAO and Fosun Trade towards improving hearing healthcare outcomes and extending both market shares.

There is a reason to believe the exciting developments that will emerge from this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the hearing aid industry.