“LINE Meaningful Notification”, A New Film Ads by LINE Thailand Presenting insight into “The Baek” (The Shoulderer), With A Focus on The “LINE Digital Well-being” Concept

LINE Thailand has announced the launch of its latest advertising campaign, “LINE Meaningful Notification,” which aims to provide insight into the lives of “The Baek” (The Shoulderer), also known as generation Y individuals. This demographic is known for carrying numerous responsibilities, including those related to their careers, families, and relationships. The campaign centers around the LINE application as a tool for integrating all of “The Baek’s” relationships, fostering understanding among users of all ages. The campaign builds upon LINE Thailand’s “LINE Digital Well-being” concept, which seeks to create a better digital world.

Research has shown that ‘The Baek’, Generation Y adults, aged 26 to 40, are a demographic that drives many aspects of society and shoulders a great deal of responsibility, often leading to stress-related issues that can impact their personal relationships. They are a group caught between the generations of parents, children, and the younger ones. According to a 2022 study by The American Institute of Stress, up to 76% of working-age adults experience work-related stress that significantly affects their personal relationships. Similarly, a global organization conducted in 2021 found that 42% of Gen Y employees were more prone to experience work burnout.

Ms. Nicharass Archyasithiwat, Director of Marketing and Communications at LINE Thailand, stated that, “The Baek” (The Shoulderer) is one of the largest user age groups on LINE, and we understand the challenges that they face in managing their relationships and work duties, which result in stressful lives. As per the survey, this group of users turns to the LINE app and services on the LINE platform to interact and manage all relationships, including those with friends, family members, coworkers, or bosses. They believe that having good relationships with others is considered a happy life. The new advertising campaign, “LINE Meaningful Notification,” highlights LINE as a platform that drives and connects all of “The Baek’s” interactions, incorporating brand understanding insights into a heartwarming, meaningful, and inspiring story for relationship management in life.

LINE Thailand’s mission is “Closing The Distance,” inspiring users to develop strong relationships in today’s seamless offline and online worlds. The campaign aims to promote the “LINE Digital Well-being” concept, which seeks to make the digital world a better place in another dimension.

Watch the film “LINE Meaningful Notification: https://lin.ee/9PlwYx8/wcvn
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