Divine Fashion for a Fun-filled Summer: Fashion house Leisure Projects collabs with Harmenstone to create sacred SS23 Collection

Divine Fashion for a Fun-filled Summer: Fashion house Leisure Projects collabs with Harmenstone to create sacred SS23 Collection

Infusing spirituality in modern luxury design, a touch of excitement & fashion for hot getaways

The “Heavenly Summer Series”, a collection of bracelets and necklaces channeling the spirits of Vessavana, Ganesha and Naga Samsara, feature precious stones blessed by sacred temples in Chonburi, Bangkok and Bueng Kan

Harmenstone, designer of talismanic jewelry founded in 2017 in Bangkok, procures some of the world’s most exotic gemstones to use in the creation of its uniquely wearable fashion designs crafted from sacred stones for its necklaces and bracelets with the potent power of divine imagery. Harmenstone is now proud to collaborate with Bangkok-based fashion brand Leisure Projects to create an idyllic fusion of sacred Buddhist & Hindu mythology jewelry mixed with a fun casual-unisex aesthetic for the “Heavenly Summer Series”. Together, they present a collection of luxury bracelets and necklaces for spiritual guys and girls, with each created from striking and prized natural materials like Amazonite, Ruby Zosite, Malachite, Red Jasper, American Gold Sunstone.

Harmenstone CEO, Book Hasavee Wirunsiripak, introduces this blessed new collection of inspired lines presented via the new brand crossover, saying, “Combining the sacredness of traditions with the hottest Thai young fashion brand of the day, Harmenstone X Leisure Projects jointly present The Heavenly Summer Series 2023. The collection infuses spirituality into modern luxury designs, while adding a touch of excitement and sacred fashionable style. The highlight of this crossover collection are the new bracelets and necklaces featuring a selection of gemstones designed to empower the wearer to unleash their inner potential by being blessed by revered temples from across Thailand.”

Leisure Projects Owner and Designer, Nat Nattapon Kanokvaleewong, adds, “Leisure Projects completes your hot getaway with a wondrous look and feel in The Heavenly Summer Series 2023, the culmination of our recent collaboration with Harmenstone. The bold designs of Leisure Projects add a touch of playfulness to the modern elegance of these new Harmenstone designs. The collaboration results in a range of must-haves for any fashion-forward individual; perfectly at home as beachwear or travel attire, but also can be worn in harmony with more sophisticated business or formal attire.”

The “Heavenly Summer Series” unlocks visionary vibes and a true sense of sacred tradition through the stories told by generations of believers – through the holiness of belief itself, infused spirituality, and the legends and mystique of Ganesha, Vessavana and Naga, each possessing a unique bracelet and necklace as part of the collection.

The Sacredness of Beloved Buddhist and Hindu Iconography – Leisure Projects blends Harmenstone spirituality with the fashion language of the era

Every piece in the “Heavenly Summer Series” lets the wearer harness their inner motivation, the feeling of joy, blessings from above, and wishes for success through high self-worth, honoring ones dreams … and taking time to enjoy fun, fashionable moments along the way.

The Naga, a Hindu & Buddhist half-serpent known for “the abundance of food, resources and comfort” is blessed at Wat Ahong Silawas, Bueng Kan, conjures bountiful plenty and fulfilment.

The beloved Ganesha (Ganesh), “The great Deity of Wisdom” is blessed at Sriyantra Gods Museum Bangkok, and represents one of the best-known and most worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon, drawing devotion from people of all ages and backgrounds.

The final inspiration is Vessavana, “The Heritage of Fortune” blessed at Wat Rangsee Sutthawat, Chonburi, and is resplendent in verdant greens that conjure emotions of positive transformation, revival and rejuvenation, honoring a sacred desire for wealth and success.

Ken Nanthorn Pornkulwat, COO of Harmenstone, spoke of his excitement at being able to partner fashion brand Leisure Projects in this collaboration, saying, “Since the concept of this collection is summer, the mood and tone of this new release is fresh, cool and exciting, while taking its divine power from the sacredness of the best of sacred traditions. Leisure Projects is therefore the ideal partner for Harmenstone, as they are a brand which celebrates summer vibes, offering high-fashion pieces of exceptional value while making use of very beautiful quality designs which are inspirational and new. We’re delighted to be able to partner with Leisure Projects to offer our wearers a way to enjoy summer sensations with a flash and vibe of elegance and luxury, while enjoying a life of success and sacredness with a sense of spirituality wherever we go.”

Available now for ordering via the Harmenstone online store, at Harmenstone Thailand; or visit the physical stores at M Floor Siam Center and 1st Floor ICONSIAM.

LEISURE PROJECTS store is located at Siam Center, Room 117 1st.Fl, Siam Center.