Publicis Group Thailand unveiling the trend of creating end-to-end experiences for the future of growth at the Power of ONE

Publicis Group Thailand unveiling the trend of creating end-to-end experiences for the future of growth at the Power of ONE, Powering the Future event, promoting the concept of Connected Experience Solutions

Paruj Daorai and Ms. Sorada Sonprasit Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe Thailand

Publicis Group Thailand, Thailand’s leading marketing communications agency, leader in communications consulting with Power of ONE strategy or Connected Experience Solutions communication strategy management that meets the target group’s complete journey at every touchpoint, both in terms of creativity, media planning and management (Media), PR & Influencer Marketing, content management on digital platforms (Digital Content), media production (Production) as well as special expertise in Data and Digital Transformation reveals the latest communication trends at the Power of ONE, Powering the Future event, leading its business partners to sustainable future growth through effective communication.

This is the first time Publicis Groupe Thailand has disseminated knowledge and communication trends encompassing every aspect of communication in order to create a more efficient and accurate holistic strategy which is an important strategy for building business growth in an era where communication requires precision and seamless communications with target groups.

Paruj Daorai, Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe Thailand, stated in this event that “People’s experiences have complex details, both in terms of insights and behaviors, media touchpoint in each context, or influences from those around them. Every experience is inextricably connected. Therefore, understanding the true identity of the target audience (Real Identity), visualizing the entire process is the heart of communication management that will lead brands and businesses to sustainable growth which Publicis Groupe Thailand focuses and places importance on communication strategy, reach and create experiences with creativity with Connected Experience Solutions through synergy in every discipline or Power of ONE and we are confident that we will able to move forward with our business partners firmly.”

The communication trends revealed in this event are under the concept of Power of ONE, Powering the Future, focusing on communication trends and directions that penetrate into the future of communication from both consumers, media directions, and influencers, as well as changing media innovations, whether traditional media or digital media. Communication patterns are split into four directions in this occurrence, as follows.

  1. Power of Human Insight
  2. Power of Media
  3. Power of Social Behaviour
  4. Power of Social Content and Influencer

On each direction, trends are presented in different perspectives of consumers in the context of communication as follows;

  1. The essence of Power of Human Insight, presented by Jenkanit Rujiramora, Chief Strategy Officer, Publicis Groupe Thailand is that “Humans today have a perspective on thinking that is based on very individual experiences, cultures, communications, and people’s behavior, particularly when normality is rare. It has evolved in response to changes in media and availability to content, as well as changes in people’s values, resulting in ambiguity about the suitability and acceptance of various matters. The challenge of the creative world therefore is to create a route for the target group to get to know the brand and create experiences with brands and products under an open world, define an experiential pathway that develops empathetic relationships with people. In the end, the best method to proceed is to comprehend the Real Identity or real character of the people.”

  1. Power of Media presented by Lalit Kanavivatchai, Chief Strategy Officer of Digital and Media Publicis Groupe Thailand. She stated that “the heart of the media trend is that we live in an era where everything is connected (Connected era), which is to create a media consumption experience that connects every screen, every platform continuously to communicate to the target audience and create a journey for the target audience from the beginning (awareness) until the end of the destination which is the purchase of a product. Media innovation, as well as individual rights, are highly influential in the development of media choice. Although the principles of media management remain efficient and effective, the variables that impact this outcome have changed drastically, with users increasingly adding to media use. The right to access data, as well as the right to benefit from disclosure to the media, is a trend that shows that consumers demand and seek an experience in which the media and consumers coexist in a way that benefits both parties (Win-Win ecosystem), which will help media and brands build community and loyalty in the future.”

  1. Power of Social Behaviour, led by Vibhu Harnvarakiat, Head of Strategy, Brilliant&Million, revealed that “after everyone was barred from living in the online world for a long time, behaviors evolved based on the fact that humans want to socialize and express themselves. Being limited in conversation and communication without meeting people face-to-face therefore creates a culture and behavior in the digital world known as Expressional Economy or society that expresses identity. The behavior of online platforms has expanded greatly due to the broad reach of digital platforms and advances in various devices that help individuals express themselves more readily. We can see that there are many new content creators. Platform presence is a tendency that both businesses and their products must embrace. Understanding these behaviors will enable companies and products to adjust communications in order to have a distinct identity and be perceived as part of the community that the target audience is interested in. Brands will shift closer to a more expressive audience, and consumers will seek for more human brands or goods online.”

  1. Power of Social Content & Influencer presented by Samira Thancharoenkit, Managing Director, Digitas, revealed the current content trend that “in today’s content world, we don’t have to look or spend a lot of time searching for information. As long as we have one interest, every social media platform is ready to adjust the content and feed what individuals are interested in. And due to the large amount of new content creators, content on social media that seems to be scattered becomes clearer because people have clear interests or interests. With the advancement of algorithms, we can see the content we are interested in more specifically. So we can see that brands have to be a part of this attention. This means being in the right place at the right time, sticking to the trend at the right time and on the right topics, and promoting the brand’s image forward, which in turn leads to consumer purchasing decisions. Another noteworthy development is content that brings together or collaborates in various groups, whether between companies, brands and influencers, or influencers and media. We see joining hands as borrowing each other’s talents to reach target groups with diverse interests by providing chances for them to learn about companies they may not have heard of before or producing more engaging content for the target audience to motivate algorithms to select content to reach a larger audience.”

Ms. Sorada Sonprasit, Chief Executive Officer of Publicis Groupe Thailand, added that “Communication strategies require talented and knowledgeable personnel who are not only able to work in one area but must be able to visualize communications in a connected experience with other people in the organization for effective strategic planning in complete expertise in the most efficient manner. Publicis Group Thailand puts a high value on employee development, which includes providing opportunities to fully develop knowledge and competence. It is a school that prepares our people to learn and opens the way to a world of seamless communication in all areas of expertise, from strategy planning, creativity, media management, public relations, influencer marketing, and digital content. We are eager to lead our business partners in a sustainable growth path, and we look forward to the future of communication with business partners to improve our chances of success now and in the future.”

It can be seen that Publicis Group’s strategy focuses on holistic planning to capture every detail and every aspect of communication to create experiences and journeys of target groups from start to finish to create brand recognition and product consumption, as well as bring back the information of the target group as a database for analysis in order to create efficiency and effectiveness in communication for business partners in a cost-effective way and get the best results which is a principle that is unique to Publicis group called The Growth Loop.