Century-Old Appliance Brand Paris Rhône Expands Its Business to Energy Storage Systems

Paris Rhône Energy is launching Home Energy System on Indiegogo on April 11, 2023

Paris Rhône Energy, a new brand under Paris Rhône, the electrical appliance company with over 100 years of history, has recently unveiled its first home energy system, the all-in-one PEX Series. The company launched the PEX Series on Indiegogo on April 11.

“With global concerns about energy security and prices remaining relatively high, an increasing number of families are considering new solutions for their home power supply. Using energy storage systems can help families save money on their bills in the long run and adopting clean energy technology can also help with sustainable development,” said ALAIN DAVID V. Paris Rhône CEO.

Dubbed by the company as the most powerful home energy system ever, the PEX Series provides users with an energy storage solution that can fast-charge to full in just one and a half hours. The solution provides users with reliability and security during times of need, such as peak usage hours or in case of a blackout. With zero-millisecond transfer time UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply), users’ power supply can instantly switch to the battery backup supply mode as soon as there is a cut in grid power.

The solar-based solution allows a 15,600W solar input. With up to 12,000W AC output, the PEX Series can power an entire household independently when considering the power needed for a family’s daily life, such as using a laptop, powering a fridge for keeping food fresh or charging a Tesla electric vehicle. While an expandable capacity from 10.24kWh to 76.8kWh allows it to provide backup power for up to 10 days.

The solid technical know-how used under the hood makes this product an ideal solution for long-term use, as the system is suitable for 10,000+ charges. Moreover, Paris Rhône Energy provides a comprehensive 10-year warranty to address user concerns. The product also utilizes industry-leading ultra-safe LFP battery cells that boast faster charging speeds and a longer lifespan than traditional battery cells on the market.

The PEX Series adopts a modular design for easy and quick installation, providing users with greater convenience. In addition, it can be controlled and remotely monitored using a handy mobile app that utilizes cutting-edge IoT technology.

“For over a century, Paris Rhône has focused on generators, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of Paris Rhône Energy. We believe that smart energy makes life better and aims to bring more professional and high-quality energy storage products for a smart and sustainable life across the globe,” added ALAIN DAVID V.

Paris Rhône Energy is also planning the release of its outdoor energy solution – the PEO Series, with more details to be released soon.