Coway Wins Prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the 17th Year In a Row

Coway Wins Red Dot Design Awards 2023

Coway, the “Best Life Solution Company,” has received the Red Dot Award 2023 for the 17th consecutive year, acknowledging the company’s unwavering exceptional design. The three award-winning products include the Air Purifier (AP-3522E/F) and Skin Plus Water Softener (BB-17), which stand out for intuitive usability, distinct aesthetics, and eco-friendly credentials.

The Red Dot Design Award is a prestigious competition that honors innovation and design excellence alongside iF and IDEA.

This year’s highlight is the Air Purifier (AP-3522E/F), known as Airmega ProX in the USA, which is specifically designed for large public spaces like office buildings and schools. Its geometric design incorporates the NOBLE Air Care Solution Series’ signature architecture-inspired structures, which are both sleek and understated. In order to maximize minimalism, the product seamlessly conceals inlets, outlets, and handles with textured lines.

More than 90% of the Air Purifier (AP-3522E/F)’s interior and exterior materials are made from easily recyclable and durable ABS plastic, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability.

As well as the Red Dot Design Award 2023, the Air Purifier (AP-3522E/F) also won the Good Design Awards 2022, hosted by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP).

Skin Plus Water Softener (BB-17) is another award honoree that offers a choice of 3 types of water depending on the user’s skin type. Users can create different combinations of water with dual-filtered extra clean water as a base, mixed with further softened water and vitamin infusions to suit their needs. Its unique aesthetic breaks away from typical, bulky water softeners. Instead, the Skin Plus Water Softener boasts a slim, rectangular design with a sophisticated mirror display that provides real-time notifications on water temperature, filter usage rate, and more.

“We are striving to improve convenience at every stage from usage to maintenance by closely analyzing the customer’s product experience,” said Jin Sang Hwang, head of the Design Center at Coway. “We will continue to develop designs that focus on the product’s original value so it naturally blends into the space and creates a harmonious atmosphere.”