Mondelez International Launches ‘Halls NamKangSai’ to Tap into Thailand’s THB 10bn Candy Market, Creating a Refreshing and Delightful Summer

  • The new icy strawberry-syrup-flavored candy inspired by the most popular summer street food to surprise Thai consumers.
  • Empowering local street food merchants by modernizing Halls NamKangSai carts.


Mondelez International (Thailand) Co., Ltd., one of the world’s largest snack companies, has launched a surprising new candy flavor called “Halls NamKangSai,” meaning ‘shaved ice,’ inspired by a popular street food dessert to welcome the summer season. Halls has invested over 50 million baht in a comprehensive marketing campaign to capture the hearts of Gen Z with the exciting grand launch event joined by the coolest couple of the year, “Zee and Nu New.” Halls also offered free giveaways and a makeover of NamKangSai carts to create job opportunities for local merchants throughout Thailand while creating a refreshing phenomenon for this summer.

In 2022, the candy market reached a total value of 10,873 million baht*, with a growth rate of 27%. Halls remained the leader with a market share of 15.3%. According to The Street Food City Index 2020**, the city of Bangkok ranked second on the list of affordable street food and provided the ultimate foodie experience. The city is offering up a hot summer menu, including “shaved ice”***, one of the most popular dishes that travelers should try when visiting Thailand.

Mr. Anuraag Agarwal, Marketing Manager-Refreshment at Mondelez International (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, “Halls is the number one candy brand in Thailand that has always surprised the industry and candy enthusiasts with the launch of new innovative products. Thai consumers look forward to some summer fun and the season’s special treats. In response, Halls has created a delicious candy from one of Thailand’s most popular street food desserts, Halls NamKangSai, offering the satisfying flavor of icy strawberry syrup with the cool and refreshing sensation of menthol, specially created in the Halls style.

Halls is reinforcing its number one position by investing 50 million baht to penetrate the candy market during the summer while adopting a comprehensive marketing strategy including a debut event at Siam Square One joined by the coolest couple of the year, “Zee and Nu New,” and their fans who were served shaved ice menu specially created by Chef Li from Master Chef Season 4. The event simulated a trendy street food atmosphere, complete with Instagrammable decorations, fun games, and new product tasting. Within hours of the event, the hashtag #Hallsน้ำแข็งไสXZeeNuNew was trending on Twitter. Halls intends to modernize NamKangSai shops in Thailand by upgrading the look of 500 Halls NamKangSai carts for sellers nationwide. In addition, five lucky merchants from five provinces received a free Halls NamKangSai cart worth 16,500 baht each.

“Halls aims to deliver a fully satisfying sweet, cool, and refreshing experience to its consumers. To achieve this goal, Halls is launching TV commercials, both on television and digital platforms, as well as out-of-home advertising (OOH) on the BTS, minibuses, and radio spots. Halls is also offering a free giveaway of three million Halls NamKangSai candies nationwide. Finally, Halls will be organizing exclusive premium item promotions with participating stores and online shops. With these special marketing activities, we are confident that Halls NamKangSai will become a popular and refreshing trend for Thais across the country this summer,” said Mr. Agarwal.

Indulge in the refreshing taste of Halls NamKangSai candy, available in three formats – blister pack, bag, and stick, and priced from 6-61 baht at convenience stores, supermarkets, hypermarkets, online shops, and retail stores nationwide.

Follow the cool activities of Halls candy this summer at: www.facebook.com/HallsThailand/