AI Places FBS Among the World’s Top Brokers

FBS was rated as one of the top world’s best brokerage companies by AI

FBS, an international broker with a presence in over 150 countries, was rated as one of the top world’s best brokerage companies, according to, an AI-driven platform that displays listings of Forex brokers.
FBS scored 7.2 out of 10, rising high in an listing. The innovative platform marks FBS’s customer-centric approach and highlights the company’s excellent Usability, Customer Care, and swift Registration process.

The artificial intelligence technologies used by allow for impartial analysis of the trading industry, resulting in fair and unbiased reviews. The company is bent on creating a new era of Forex with fairness and freedom as core values. The idea is to help traders make fact-based decisions using relatable information on a broker collected in an in-depth AI analysis of the broker’s website.

The AI-driven platform analyzed each stage of the user flow of FBS and other shortlisted brokers, and rated them on 5 key criteria, including trading conditions, promotions, ease of use, deposits and withdrawals, and customer support. The approach results in reliable, straightforward ratings that are not influenced by human emotion.

“Designed with the trader’s benefit in mind, our AI-driven platform provides users with an impartial outlook on the FX industry and helps them find the most suitable platform in a matter of seconds. We are happy to have on board the most renown brokers in the industry, who are ready to get an unbiased review of their work. Forex is a tough market, and we appreciate the fact that FBS was rated high by our in-house designed AI technology and placed among the top competitors, making it a good choice for traders around the world,” says on FBS.

“We are pleased and proud to have our services rated so highly. It is especially rewarding to see proof of our professionalism manifested in an AI-driven analysis, that features unbiased research algorithms free from human interference. We will stick to our principles and values to keep providing our customers with the best trading services possible,” says Ksenia Molodkina, Strategic Marketing Director FBS.

Over 14 years of dedicated work, FBS has won more than 75 international awards that are now enhanced by the listing. To this day, FBS maintains a high level of service and customer support – more than 27 million traders and 500,000 partners work with FBS, and the numbers are growing.