TrueMoney’s Game-Changing “Make Every Move Count” Nationwide Campaign Takes Off with Lisa BLACKPINK as Brand Ambassador

The only financial super app that offers complete payment, saving, and investment services, empowering Thai people with easy access to all financial solutions and adding value in every action

TrueMoney, Southeast Asia’s leading e-payment and financial service provider, has created a phenomenon reaffirming its position as the only financial super app that breaks all boundaries by offering the most comprehensive payment, saving, and investment services. This dismantles the traditional limitations to provide easy access for everyone to all aspects of finance, enabling everyone to add value to every action. The campaign is based on the “Make Every Move Count” concept, which includes three strategic pillars: Ease, Value, and Access, with world-renowned K-Pop artist Lisa BLACKPINK announced as the new brand ambassador for the nationwide communication campaign.

Monsinee Nakapanant, Co-President of Ascend Money Co., Ltd., stated, “Currently, TrueMoney has transformed beyond just a payment app, but an application that meets every financial need on a daily basis. We are the No.1 most recognizable financial app on the market[1], with a current user base of over 27 million. Today, we are ready to take our mission to the next level by emphasizing our position as the only financial super app that offers the most comprehensive services following the concept of ‘Effortless Money Management that Adds Value in Every Action’ in order to help Thai people access financial services with more ease and value every time they use TrueMoney, and reach to more opportunities in life ever than before.”

According to TrueMoney’s customers insights, in addition to the group of people who cannot access financial services, a large number of people have bank accounts but still face a variety of challenges and limitations ranging from knowledge, time, capital, age, complexity of processes, to their perspective on life opportunities. As a result, they are unable to fully utilize and maximize the available financial resources and tools.

Therefore, TrueMoney is dedicated to breaking down everyone’s barriers. No matter where they start from, people  access financial services conveniently and comprehensively, thanks to TrueMoney, which opens the door to possibilities in accordance with the “Make Every Move Count” concept by providing three service categories as follows:

  1. Payment services: enrich your life
  • Providing online and offline payment, money transfer, overseas payment, and Buy Now Pay Later services.
  1. Financial services: simplify your finance
  • Savings, investments, insurance, and other benefits are all covered.
  1. Business support services: empower your business
  • Offering services to support SMEs and small-scale business owners, such as membership systems, shop promotion features, and others.

Ease, Value, and Access: Three Core Strategies for Elevating the Platform into a “Financial Super App”

Nutthawadee Sae-Iah, Head of Strategy and Business Innovation at TrueMoney, and Deputy CEO of Ascend Wealth Co., Ltd., said that “TrueMoney will continue to integrate products that meet customers’ needs, ease of use and advanced security systems under the concept of “Make Every Move Count” through three strategies as follows:

  1. Ease (Ease in Every Way): providing a convenient experience, simple services, and a system that helps select the right product for each user, such as offering fund options based on interests and risk tolerance or insurance plans tailored to the customer’s requirements, to simplify the processes.
  2. Value (Value in Every Move): offering services such as high-interest money deposits with a chance to receive cashbacks when linking an account for payments and the Rewards feature, which combines discounts and privileges for payment, savings, and investment. In the future, the company also plans to transform the Rewards feature into a loyalty program with enhanced benefits and value.
  3. Access (Accessible to Everyone): allowing anyone to begin constructing their own customized financial security with minimal restrictions. Customers can begin investing in a variety of assets with very little capital, such as a mutual fund in which they can invest with as little as 1 baht, an insurance plan with premiums in the low hundreds, or a credit line with a pay-later program that does not require a pay slip and provides instant approval.

In terms of ease and financial management, TrueMoney has introduced the Recurring Manager feature, which enables users to effortlessly manage recurring expenses such as monthly subscription fees, mobile phone bills, and donations to charitable organizations. Customers can view a summary of service fees and be notified when payment is due. Users can also set up a monthly withdrawal from their TrueMoney account to deposit as savings and earn up to 4%* interest.

TrueMoney is also preparing to launch the Money Box solutions for storefronts, which will notify merchants in real-time via voice when a customer makes a successful payment. This new feature will increase entrepreneurs’ confidence that all TrueMoney payments will be deposited into their accounts.

Additionally, TrueMoney continues to improve its technology, including TrueMoney Secure, which includes real-time detection and notification of suspicious activities. This emphasizes various identity verification and encryption features, such as face scanning for transfers and withdrawals of 10,000 baht or more and a 24-hour hotline for financial emergencies.

Unveiling a new commercial film featuring “Lisa BLACKPINK” as brand ambassador to convey the message “TrueMoney: Make Every Move Count”

TrueMoney has collaborated with world-class K-Pop superstar Lalisa “Lisa” Manoban, or “Lisa BLACKPINK,” to be the new brand ambassador and convey the brand positioning, “TrueMoney: Make Every Move Count,” through a South Korean-filmed commercial. It tells the story of the possibilities for life that TrueMoney can offer people through financial services, whether for someone who wants to start a business for a better living with very little capital, a new generation of dreamers, and talented people who aspire to succeed unrestricted by age, or those who seek financial opportunities and knowledge to begin their paths to freedom and pursue their dreams. The commercial features “Lisa,” who takes viewers through the possibilities of these individuals and the results that TrueMoney has actually made possible.

Anantinee Jitcharoongphorn, Group Head of Marketing of Ascend Money Co., Ltd., added, “This is the first time that TrueMoney has embarked on a large-scale nationwide communication. Lisa exemplifies the lifestyle of the new generation: she is charming, friendly, talented, and committed to producing artistic works that are adored by Thais and international fans alike. As our new brand ambassador, Lisa can embody the extraordinary power and opportunities in life that TrueMoney seeks to provide through our financial services. We aim to help everyone create their own opportunities and make all life goals more achievable than ever before. To commemorate the company’s 10th anniversary this year, TrueMoney will be launching an expansive exclusive rewards campaign and rolling out more exclusive privileges for TrueMoney users throughout the year. We have surprise events planned for Lisa’s fandoms, so stay tuned to be part of these exciting moments!”

The commercial film “TrueMoney: Make Every Move Count” is available at: and on various media channels nationwide. Share the campaign with hashtags: #LISAwithTrueMoney, # MakeEveryMoveCount, #เป็นไปได้ได้ทุกคน, #ทรูมันนี่, and follow the campaign activities at TrueMoney Facebook Fanpage.  


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[1] Source: According to a recent consumer survey conducted in February 2023, TrueMoney is the most recognizable brand in terms of spontaneous awareness with the score of 95%