Swatch Pride Collection 2023 Celebrates All People in Pride Month with A Pride Flag on A Wrist


With open hearts and minds, Swatch welcomes all people and celebrates all love. The 2023 rainbow flag-inspired collection in its signature NEW GENT model is loud, proud, uplifting and bursting with meaning. Vibrant designs represent six colors of the Pride flag – a LGBT symbol of humanity that speaks for all genders and all races – including PROUDLY RED, PROUDLY ORANGE, PROUDLY YELLOW, PROUDLY GREEN, PROUDLY BLUE and PROUDLY VIOLET, from which Swatch fans can opt for a SwatchPAY! model. This allows you to have a seamless and secure payment experience by a simple flick of the wrist. On top of that this collection completes with a finishing touch of a symmetrical second hand to symbolize equality.

PROUDLY RED stands for life and passion.

Code: SO29R705 Price: 3,000 THB

PROUDLY ORANGE stands for healing and celebration.

Code: SO29O700 Price: 3,000 THB

PROUDLY YELLOW stands for sunlight and the flag’s radiant center.

Code: SO29J702 Price: 3,000 THB

PROUDLY GREEN stands for nature and growth.

Code: SO29G704 Price: 3,000 THB

PROUDLY BLUE stands for harmony.

Code: SO29S702 Price: 3,000 THB

PROUDLY VIOLET stands for spirit.

Code: SO29V700 Price: 3,000 THB


Code: SO29V100-5300 Price: 3,350 THB

*PROUDLY VIOLET SwatchPAY! completes the line-up and makes paying the bill a simple flick of the wrist by using the same technology as a contactless payment card.

The Swatch Pride Collection 2023 are now available in Swatch stores and online “swatch.com” with free delivery.