How Montree “Spinboy” Bouwdok and Team Farang is Ushering in The New Generation of Freerunners

The Land of Smiles certainly earned its nickname through its wonderful locals and unique tourism culture. Along with this continuously evolving landscape is the rise of extreme sports to complement its breathtaking landscape. One particular individual spearheading this movement is an esteemed member of the Thailand-found freerunning team, Team Farang, Montree “Spinboy” Bouwdok. His undeniable skills, determination, and passion for the sport made him a role model for Thailand’s new generation of freerunners.

Montree Bouwdok, better known as Spinboy, made his name in the freerunning world with his talent and creative approach to the sport. Born and raised in Nong Khai, Thailand, Spinboy found his love for freerunning at a ripe age and, since then, slowly evolved into one of the most recognized freerunners in the country. With his extraordinary agility, speed, and precision, Spinboy has captivated audiences worldwide.

Beyond his proven experience and undoubted passion for freerunning, Spinboy is also recognized for his ability to encourage aspiring freerunners in Thailand and throughout the world. Spinboy is able to reach his audience on a global scale through his performances in international competitions and viral videos uploaded on Team Farang’s official social media channels, which garnered millions of views across all platforms.

“I want to do it [freerunning] until I can’t do it anymore. I can still walk, I can still play. Now, I’m training for a competition and I have a lot of energy. I still think about competing and creating a lot of content while having fun along the way,” said Spinboy.

“I would like to make a big [freerunning] community in Thailand so we can have more athletes guiding the young players,” he added.

Following Team Farang’s latest project, Red Bull Run The Ship, Spinboy and the rest of his teammates are hopeful that this achievement will continue to promote the beauty of extreme sports in Thailand and inspire the next generation of freerunners to continue the positive influence of the sport worldwide.

Check out Spinboy’s content and the recent Run The Ship event on Team Farang’s official Youtube channel. For more behind-the-scenes footage of Spinboy’s freerunning ventures, visit Red Bull Thailand’s official TikTok and Instagram pages.

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