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LINE Launches ‘AI Selfie’, Meet your new self through AI

  • Images with various styles created by AI can be set as line profiles or shared on social media
  • Providing two price packages based on how long it takes to create them

LINE Corporation launched AI Selfie on a profile extension service called LINE Profile Studio on LINE Messenger, which AI (Artificial Intelligence) automatically creates various images in different style based on the photos users registered.

Users can use ‘AI Selfie’ directly from the Profile Studio on the profile page from LNE Messenger app without downloading a separate app. Users can register 10 to 20 photos of themselves and five styles of images are provided such as: “Basic” similar to real photos, “Fantasy” which creates a virtual character image, and “Art” that looks like painted with watercolors or pencils. The price consists of two packages: 100 images in 24 hours: 130 coins, and 100 images in a short time: 260 coins. Using the AI learning technology, different images are created even if the same picture is registered using, so users can enjoy it several times.

Images created with AI Selfie can be registered as a profile image on LINE messenger, or download to make it a background on chat rooms or share on social media to enjoy it with friends. Details can be found on the LINE messenger app profile page.

With the concept of ‘Meeting new me on LINE’, LINE Profile Studio plans to expand the communication tools using AI and latest technologies and collaborations, so that users can express themselves in different ways ad enjoy talking to their friends.