Gaabor introduces new cordless vacuum cleaner with “Inn Sarin” as brand ambassador for Gaabor Dust Away campaign

Building on the immense success of their previous product, the Gaabor air fryer, which achieved remarkable sales figures and garnered positive reviews, the company enlisted the expertise of esteemed food host Shahkrit Yamnam as brand ambassador. three months of launched, the Gaabor air fryer reached the top spot on the Shopee platform. Notably, other kitchen appliances in the same category also garnered enthusiastic feedback on online platforms, TikTok and Lazada.

This year, Gaabor is aims to make its mark in Thailand’s vacuum cleaner market. Drawing on its success and positive reception in countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Brazil, Gaabor has garnered praise for its innovative and contemporary designs. Embracing brand’s concept of surpassing traditional home appliances, Gaabor emphasizes the aesthetic appeal of its products no matter where they are placed. Additionally, Gaabor aims to cater to the needs of new generations by offering affordable prices and one-year warranty policy that allows customers to receive “Fresh new replacement” instead of lengthy repair processes.

Furthermore, Gaabor recognizes rising dust concerns in various regions of Thailand, leading to an increased demand for vacuum cleaners. Thus, Gaabor has developed a range of wireless and corded vacuum cleaners for both household and car usage, all within a single device. This year highlights the VCL12E vacuum cleaner, featuring adjustable carrying handle, ergonomically crafted to suit users’ height, and lightweight construction, ensuring effortless maneuverability to reach every nook and cranny. Including two modes of suction power, to extend usage on single charge. Perfectly tailored to modern lifestyle seeking versatile with sleek and contemporary design.

Featuring the charismatic Inn Sarin Ronnakiat a popular young actor known for his appealing lifestyle, as brand ambassador to share his experience with Gaabor’s latest vacuum cleaner as part of Gaabor Dust Away campaign. Campaign starts from June 20-22 ,2023 on TikTok, Shopee and Lazada.

On June 20, 2023, Gaabor will host the Gaabor Dust Away live campaign on TikTok with Inn Sarin, Sharhkrit Yamnam, Nack Charlie, Noorat, and many more. Starting 11:00 AM onwards, be prepared for surprise activities, exclusive promotions, and the chance to win prizes worth over 1 million baht.

Moreover, Gaabor is organizing return profits to customers activity for cordless vacuum cleaners ordered during 15-19 June 2023. Participate in Gaabor Fan Review activity, and selected reviews will receive 100% refund for cordless vacuum cleaner purchased as token of gratitude for your trust and loyalty to Gaabor.

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