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SCB Debit MasterCard and PLANET SCB Card partner with 3Plus, launching “Unleashing a World of Entertainment on the 3Plus App”

SCB Debit MasterCard and PLANET SCB Card partner with 3Plus, launching “Unleashing a World of Entertainment on the 3Plus App” campaign with an exclusive 3Plus Premium subscription offer”

Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) continues to innovate and cater to diverse lifestyles by collaborating with 3Plus, an entertainment application that goes beyond TV Channel 3. 3Plus provides exclusive content and organizes interactive activities with beloved artists and actors. Together, they have launched the “Unleashing a World of Entertainment on the 3Plus App” campaign, offering special privileges to SCB Debit Mastercard and PLANET SCB cardholders. These privileges include the opportunity to access 3Plus Premium subscriptions at a discounted price. The campaign was inaugurated by Mrs. Sunsuda Sangiambut, Senior Vice President of the Issuing Products Department at Siam Commercial Bank, and Mr. Akirakorn I-kitisiri, Executive Vice President of Digital Services & New Media Business at BEC World PCL, the parent company of Channel 3.

The “Unleashing a World of Entertainment on the 3Plus App” campaign presents exclusive benefits for SCB Debit MasterCard and PLANET SCB cardholders. They can avail themselves of a special price to apply for a 3Plus Premium membership, which caters to diverse lifestyles through monthly, 3-monthly, and yearly package options. The application and payment process can be conveniently completed on the website:  By becoming members, viewers gain access to a vast array of Channel 3 programs, combining 24-hour availability with a diverse range of entertainment and other interesting content.  They can enjoy live viewing and replays of dramas ahead of others, without having to wait until midnight. The experience is uninterrupted, devoid of interstitial ads, and grants access to exclusive content anytime and anywhere, within a user-friendly app featuring new functionalities. The 3Plus Premium membership supports various devices and usage scenarios, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for all users. Moreover, members receive additional benefits, including the opportunity to engage with Channel 3 actors and participate in exciting activities throughout the year. This comprehensive offering caters to the fandom’s desires, covering a wide range of experiences. The campaign period spans from May 1, 2023, to April 30, 2024. Each phone number, card, and package type is limited to one entitlement.

Apply for a 3Plus Premium membership at a special price when paying through the website: only: 

  • Monthly package (30 days) at 59 baht (from the regular price of 99 baht)
  • 3-month package (90 days) at 119 baht (from the regular price of 249 baht)
  • Annual package (365 days) price at 399 baht (from the regular price of 949 baht)

Interested customers having questions or requiring further information, please contact the SCB Call Center at 02 777 7777 or any Siam Commercial Bank branch nationwide. For more information, please visit or