LINE Thailand Marks 12th Anniversary with Emphasis on Supporting Smart Country

LINE Thailand Marks 12th Anniversary with Emphasis on Supporting Smart Country

Through ‘LINE Economy,’ Offering a Platform That Promotes Quality of Life and Sustainable Digital Economy Growth for Thai People

LINE Thailand celebrates its 12th anniversary with the goal of driving Thailand to become a smart country through ‘LINE Economy,’ an application-based economy on the LINE app that currently serves over 54 million active users, in order to drive sustainable development and collaboration between the technology sector and various user sectors by implementing four core strategies: (1) Strengthen the ecosystem to offer a competitive edge; (2) Promote smart platforms to drive a smart country; (3) Create a good quality of Life on LINE in the digital world; and (4) Facilitate sustainable growth of tech company.

Dr. Phichet Rerkpreecha, Chief Executive Officer of LINE Thailand, stated, “As it enters the 12th year, LINE has evolved from a communication application to a platform for everyday life infrastructure that serves more than 54 million active users today (as of June 2023). The platform has a diverse user demographics, including business enterprises, partners, and communities that collaborate with services and solutions in the ecosystem to push forward the development of the ‘LINE Economy’. This brings us to our next business challenge: ensuring the sustainable future of this expanding platform. The major goal is to elevate the LINE platform to a higher level of significance. We are determined to see LINE play a macro-economic part in Thailand’s transformation into a smart country. LINE technologies, in other words, will play critical roles in the government, private business, and public sectors. This would serve to improve the overall quality of life for the Thai people.”

4 Key Strategies for Creating a Sustainable LINE Economy:

  1. Strengthen the ecosystem to offer a competitive edge
  • After reorganizing the businesses and strengthening the management team, LINE Thailand has been divided into Platform Development, Consumer Business, LINE for Business, Content Business and New Services, and E-commerce. The Company continues to establish partnerships while leveraging the strengths of services and solutions in the ecosystem to offer innovative solutions to boost competitiveness for business clients at all levels and respond business demands in an ever-changing market.
  1. Promote smart platform to drive a smart country
  • An essential milestone in Thailand’s transition to becoming a smart country is the use of technology in all sectors to improve operations across multiple sectors, which leads to a better quality of life for people. As a result, LINE Thailand aims for existing platform technologies to help drive several development areas, such as: for the government sector, the e-Services will be offered to the public nationwide to easily access and monitor operations through LINE Official Accounts in just a few steps; for the private sector, various solutions on the LINE platform can help grow businesses that seek to compete and provide convenience for customers. For the public sector, the LINE app provides a wide range of daily life experiences through a variety of products and services which include communication, social media, online shopping, news & content, food ordering, and so on. Apart from these, with LINE as the support platform, the company aims to empower users who have multiple roles at the same time, such as creators, administrators of the community, as well as business entrepreneurs.
  1. Create a good quality of Life on LINE in the digital world
  • In addition to various platform services that will help users in their daily lives, the company has introduced the concept of ‘LINE Digital Well-being,’ which focuses on building a livable environment in the digital world in the long run. LINE Thailand has previously conducted ongoing campaigns on related issues, ranging from time management to minimize online fatigue, empathy and positive attitudes on the internet, and care for relationships around you. LINE Thailand has uncovered new social aspects to enhance user awareness regarding digital wellbeing.
  1. Facilitate sustainable growth of tech company.
  • Taking care of employees’ wellbeing while developing a new generation of workforce for the digital economy is critical to the company’s long-term sustainability. Therefore, the LINE ROOKIE initiative opens opportunities for university students to intern in the real working world, attracting the attention of over a thousand students each year. The program’s goal is to cultivate new talent for the labor market and to exchange ideas with the next generation to further improve product lines. Furthermore, there are plans to bring in expertise from the industry to build courses with top universities around the country in order to create quality employees for the domestic employment market by 2023.