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Chang unveils “We Brew Friendship” campaign with four new generation presenters, “Tor-JJ-Oab-Maprang”

Chang Natural Mineral Water continues to enhance moments of friendship while electrifying the sector in the second half of 2023 with its captivating television commercial “We Brew Friendship”. This ad stars four talented young actors embodying the spirit of the new generation as they chase their dreams with unwavering support. Additionally, the brand will invite fans to participate in the Chang Friendship Shot Challenge on ChangWorld Facebook page, offering an exclusive prize for the winning group of friends.

Mr. Songwit Sritham, Chang Mineral Water’s Executive, said, “The concept of ‘We Brew Friendship’ is embodies Chang’s brand essence of Friendship Moments Together and reminds us of the profound significance of supportive friendships and the shared moments of happiness or sadness, fulfillment or regrets that shape our lives. Like the essential elixir of water, these connections are indispensable in our daily existence. Chang is, therefore, ready to enrich these friendship experiences for everyone. To bring this concept to life, we enlisted the talents of four young actors: Tor-Thanapob Leeratanakajorn, JJ-Krissanapoom Pibulsonggram, Oab-Oabnithi Wiwattanawarang, and Maprang-Alisa Kunkwaeng, who will serve as presenters in ‘We Brew Friendship,’ our captivating new television commercial built on the concept of ‘With Friends, Anything is Possible.’”

This “We Brew Friendship” commercial was inspired by a true story that unfolded on the set of the immensely successful 2018 drama series, “In Family We Trust” featuring Tor- Thanapob as Yi and JJ- JJ Krissanapoom as Pete. Under the guidance of the director, Songyos Sugmakanan, they were given the opportunity to suggest additional script for some pivotal scenes. This presented a significant challenge for them as actors, requiring intense brainstorming, script adjustments, and meticulous rehearsals to achieve perfection. Ultimately, they triumphed thanks to the support of their friends, portrayed by Oab-Oabnithi and Maprang-Alisa, who were always there to cheer them up with the aid of Chang, the catalyst for moments of friendship. This heartwarming scene captivated viewers, leaving a lasting impression and proving that “With Friends, Anything is Possible.”

Embracing the spirit of friendship, Chang is also going extra mile to foster connections through an exhilarating online campaign: Chang Friendship Shot Challenge. By sharing their most captivating photos, five winning groups of friends have a chance to win exclusive treats at Hyde & Seek, an exquisite European-style restaurant, while also indulging in Friendship Vouchers worth a staggering 10,000 baht. For more information, please visit the ChangWorld Facebook page from July 5-26, 2023.