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US radiologists working with Nutex Health Hospitals now have access to world-class DrAid™

US radiologists working with Nutex Health Hospitals now have access to world-class DrAid™, an artificial intelligence doctor’s assistant


VinBrain’s advanced AI assistant in diagnostic imaging, DrAid™ Chest XR, was successfully integrated into the radiology workflow of Nutex Health Inc. in Houston, Texas, United States through a Software Subscription License Agreement – SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Dr. Tom Vo, CEO & Chairman of the Board of Nutex Health Inc. (left) with Mr. Steven Truong, CEO VinBrain.
Nutex Health Inc. is a physician-led healthcare organization with 19 hospitals across 8 states, focusing on functional emergency care and primary care. With a revenue of USD219.2 million in the fiscal year 2022, Nutex Health Inc. has recognized the positive impact of DrAid™ during its 90-day trial, particularly in the ER department’s radiology care pathway (Emergency Radiology).

DrAid™ CXR employs AI algorithms to prioritize and triage abnormalities in chest X-rays with an impressive accuracy rate of 91%. Integrating DrAid™ Chest XR into Nutex Health facilities allows for the timely identification and prioritization of time-sensitive findings in chest X-rays. Furthermore, it assists in clinical management and reduces the chances of errors or delays in reporting.

Within a year of receiving the first FDA 510(k) clearance last September, DrAidTM successfully secured commercialization in the United States for its AI-enabled Radiology v1. This rapid achievement highlights the efficiency and effectiveness of the system in detecting suggestive pneumothorax findings in human chest X-rays.

Dr. Tom Vo, CEO & Chairman of Nutex Health Inc., commended DrAid™ CXR for its remarkable impact, stating, “The software is a high-standard product capable of identifying abnormalities in chest X-rays.” By this, DrAid™ CXR enhances the probability of confirming a case and saves valuable time for doctors, especially during odd or late-night hours in time-sensitive settings like the ER departments. Dr. Vo concluded, “We selected a great AI company to optimize the service workflows of our ER hospitals.

Mr. Steven Truong, VinBrain’s Chief Executive Officer, expressed his thoughts on this deployment: “This collaboration represents the integration of innovative medical infrastructure in micro-hospitals, aligning with the global healthcare industry’s ongoing transformation towards AI-powered solutions”.

VinBrain persists in challenging markets like the US while developing new AI products to combat global diseases. In June, their DrAid™ Liver Cancer CT gained recognition at the esteemed 4th Stanford AIMI Symposium (USA) and the 10th Radiological Congress of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Liver cancer accounted for 905,677 new cases and 830,180 deaths in 2020, with a projected risk for over 90 countries and 30 million lives by 2040. VinBrain remains committed to addressing this pressing global health issue.

CEO VinBrain Steven Truong presented DrAidTM Liver Cancer CT at the 10th Radiological Congress of Ho Chi Minh City on June 23-24.
VinBrain’s innovative platform employs advanced AI technology for rapid and accurate identification of abnormal liver lesions. It not only facilitates the detection of cancerous growths but also delivers precise quantitative measurements of lesion volume and diameter, even for tumors as small as 5mm. At the 10th Radiological Congress of Ho Chi Minh City, Nguyen Minh Duc, MD, Ph.D., Head of the Scientific Committee at Pham Ngoc Thach University of Medicine in Vietnam, and Deputy Editor of Radiology Case Reports, commended “This exceptional medical imaging innovation developed by skilled Vietnamese professionals highlights VinBrain’s proficiency in the AI era. The technology holds promise for assisting oncologists in assessing liver cancer and has the potential to expand its application to other types of cancer.”
Gregory Moore, MD, Ph.D. in Radiological Sciences from MIT, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Health visit VinBrain’s HQ in Hanoi, Vietnam – March 2023.
During his recent visit to VinBrain’s office in Hanoi, Vietnam, Gregory Moore, MD, Ph.D., Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Health and Adjunct Clinical Professor of Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, who holds a Radiological Sciences Ph.D. from MIT and specializes in Neuroradiology, expressed his admiration for VinBrain. He remarked, “I am inspired by how VinBrain has swiftly responded to the pressing needs by overcoming obstacles, embracing cutting-edge technology, and delivering a positive impact to the healthcare ecosystem in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and now, with their first FDA approval, in the United States.” He further described VinBrain as a trailblazing health tech company that generates contagious momentum.