It was a crush! The 2023 CRUSH ASIA TOUR ‘CRUSH HOUR’ in BANGKOK was an unforgettable experience for everyone’s heart, with a playlist that was pure joy to listen to.

It was a crush! The 2023 CRUSH ASIA TOUR ‘CRUSH HOUR’ in BANGKOK was an unforgettable experience for everyone’s heart, with a playlist that was pure joy to listen to.

It was truly amazing to have CRUSH, the R&B and hip-hop artist from Korea, back in Thailand after 5 years for a full concert that fans eagerly anticipated. The event took place on Sunday, August 6, 2566, at BHIRAJ HALL, BITEC Bangna, organized by the energetic team, Be Hear Now Kpop.

The show started with the appearance of Wonderlust band, calling loud cheers from the excited crowd even before CRUSH made his entrance. As soon as he appeared, he got the crowd grooving to the first song “Rush Hour,” and then greeted everyone with “Bangkok!” before continuing with “Hey baby” and “Ibiza,” complete with Thai greetings, “สวัสดีครับ ผม CRUSH นะครับ วันนี้ผมดีใจที่ได้เจอแฟนๆ ทุกคนมากนะครับ ยินดีที่ได้เจอทุกคน วันนี้ก็ฝากตัวด้วยนะครับ น่ารักจังตัวเล็กๆ” (“Hello, I am CRUSH. I am so happy to see all of you. It’s nice to meet everyone. Today, I’m here with you, a little cutie”).

After a great start, CRUSH continued to captivate the fans with his soulful and laid-back songs like “2411,” “NAPPA,” and “Sometimes.” before greeting the Thai fans in his own amusing style. He said, “Welcome everyone to the 2023 CRUSH ASIA TOUR. Today is a significant day for me, as it marks my first Asian tour in 5 years since 2018. I’m thrilled to meet all of you again in Bangkok after 5 years. I performed six songs just now. How was it? Did you have fun? There are so many of us here today. Thank you very much once again. I want to have fun with all of you continuously, just like the name of this event. Are you all ready to have fun together? Everyone is so wonderful. Thank you!”.

Although he chatted and playfully interacted, the atmosphere remained genuinely enjoyable, with the fans fully engaged and energized. CRUSH, fueled by this endless support, presented a set of heartfelt songs for everyone to enjoy. The live performance was filled with soulful singing that brought immense joy to the fans’ ears. He performed songs like “Crush on you,” “Butterfly,” “Don’t be shy,” “She said,” and “Just” before moving on to the much-awaited playlist, including popular drama OSTs, which were another reason why everyone fell in love with CRUSH’s enchanting voice. “LET US GO,” “Beautiful,” and “SOFA” captivated the fans’ hearts, and during this time, every fan was fully absorbed in the music, creating a silent and solemn hall, allowing CRUSH’s sweet voice to work its magic on everyone, providing a soothing experience through the songs they intended to listen to on this day.

With CRUSH’s unique vocal style combined with fun and diverse rhythmic songs that embody both hip-hop and R&B elements, he brought endless enjoyment to his fans, eliciting enthusiastic cheers, applause, and sing-alongs. The fans enthusiastically danced along with CRUSH throughout the entire concert, making him impressed at the fantastic energy of his passionate fans. As the concert reached its final segment, CRUSH didn’t forget to request that everyone stand up, jump, and dance together as he performed a full-packed playlist featuring his hit songs like “Stevie wonderlust,” “OHIO,” “Hug me,” “SKIP,” and “Oasis,” which were brimming with CRUSH’s unique essence.

As the concert reached the encore segment, the fans were cheering loudly, calling for CRUSH to come out once again. Before he appeared on stage, the fans welcomed the song “DON’T FORGET” by turning on their phone flashlights, creating a beautiful sea of stars. It was another song that the fans passionately sang along to, filling the whole hall with their voices and enthusiasm.

Before saying goodbye and waving to the fans, CRUSH didn’t forget to invite them to take a group photo as a souvenir, striking his signature pose. He then expressed his gratitude once again to his devoted fan club, saying, “Today, everyone had so much fun, and it brought me immense happiness. I promise to come back and meet all of you again very soon. Thank you very much today.”

The concert came to a close with the song “Outside,” and, as expected, the fans jumped up and danced together as a farewell to the enjoyable moment. They left the venue with smiles on their faces, considering it another powerful and memorable concert. The beautiful and melodious songs provided by CRUSH contributed to the fans’ happiness, elevating their joy by 3000%. Special thanks were extended to the organizers, Be Hear Now Kpop, for their exceptional event management, including the perfect combination of lighting, colors, sound, and overall high-quality production, making it an all-inclusive experience in one place.