LINE SHOPPING Refreshes Brand, Drives Growth of Thai SMEs, and Pioneers a Humanized Online Shopping Experience for Customers

LINE SHOPPING Refreshes Brand, Drives Growth of Thai SMEs, and Pioneers a Humanized Online Shopping Experience for Customers

As the leading chat commerce platform in Thailand, LINE SHOPPING emphasizes its differentiation in the online shopping service by elevating the credibility of the stores and ensuring trustworthiness in every purchase. They aim to build a relationship with customers that goes beyond just shopping, all while providing a humanized experience with service excellence at every step. This is achieved under their new concept, “Shop with the Store you Trust, Shop with Confidence at LINE SHOPPING,” which caters to the evolving needs of consumers for a comfortable, close, and seamless online shopping experience.

Mr. Lertad Supadhiloke, Director of E-Commerce, LINE Thailand, stated, “Consumer behavior is changing rapidly with diverse and high expectations for online products and services. This challenge encourages us to continuously develop our services to fully meet users’ needs. However, our recent surveys found that what sets us apart from other online shopping services is the ability for customers to communicate closely with the stores and receive personalized services. This reflects LINE SHOPPING’s commitment to e-commerce built on trust, something both buyers and sellers need. Today, we aim to clarify our brand identity to make customers more aware of this difference, under our new tagline, ‘Shop with the Store you Trust, Shop with Confidence at LINE SHOPPING.’ We are determined to lead as a strong chat commerce service on LINE, Thailand’s number one chat application with over 54 million users, which allows us to offer a shopping experience that other platforms cannot.”

LINE SHOPPING is moving forward to create a confident shopping experience by integrating strengths from all three dimensions:

  1. Trusted Seller:Shoppers can have peace of mind because every store has a real identity and is certified by LINE SHOPPING.
  2. Relationships that go beyond shopping:LINE SHOPPING aims to foster a lasting relationship between shoppers and sellers through various tools and features, such as real-time chats through LINE. Official Accounts, enabling customers to communicate with the stores anytime, live streaming of store promotions, and the SEND GIFT feature, allowing LINE users to send gifts to each other to strengthen relationships.
  3. Attentive service experiences:Shoppers will receive a unique and personalized shopping experience that can only be found on LINE SHOPPING, fully integrated within the LINE Ecosystem. This experience covers everything from pre-purchase inquiries, assistance during purchase, and post-purchase convenience.

In addition to these enhancements, buyers and sellers will experience further developments to ensure an even more comfortable shopping experience. These include reliable and secure payment systems for stores to reduce the risk of online fraud, as well as a seamless delivery service through LINE MAN MESSENGER for shoppers who want fast and reliable deliveries within a day.

Mr. Lertad emphasized, “Under the vision of ‘Liberty to Win,’ we are committed to helping stores compete on equal footing, especially in today’s landscape where major players dominate the online shopping format. We aim to empower Thai SMEs to be competitive in the e-commerce market. Currently, LINE SHOPPING offers services from over 576,000 stores with SMEs making up 95% of them, covering a wide range of products and meeting all the needs of Thai consumers. Over the past year, we have seen a significant increase in the number of stores joining LINE SHOPPING by up to 23%. We have developed management systems and tools that allow stores to sell at a lower cost compared to other e-commerce platforms by approximately 10%.”

As Thailand’s number one chat commerce platform, LINE SHOPPING understands the needs of both buyers and sellers exceptionally well. One of LINE SHOPPING’s key missions is to create a comfortable shopping experience for every transaction on the platform and to genuinely benefit users in line with the evolving digital lifestyle.