Discover ‘Shell Cafe’ – an Ideal Rest Stop, Now Serving Customers at 100 Locations Nationwide

Discover ‘Shell Cafe’ – an Ideal Rest Stop, Now Serving Customers at 100 Locations Nationwide

The Shell Company of Thailand Limited through its Mobility Business a leading provider of high-quality fuel service stations, is expanding its Shell Café branches to 100 service stations across the country. This move underscores the company’s commitment to serving travellers as a premier stopover destination, offering top-notch food and beverages within the comfort of a Shell service station—the perfect blend of café and convenience store. At Shell Café, the goal is to provide a truly relaxing experience for customers to indulge in the finest premium-grade coffee and beverages crafted by professional baristas, while exploring tasty bakery offerings and delightful dishes courtesy of Shell Chuan Chim. With an extensive range of products to choose from, Shell Café caters to the requirements of drivers who frequent Shell service stations, seeking a convenient pitstop during their travels to refuel their vehicle while recharging themselves.

“The inaugural Shell Café in Thailand made its debut in 2022, located at the beginning of Soi Nuanchan at Praditmanutham Road in Bangkok. Today, Shell Café boasts an impressive network of 100 branches, forming an integral part of the global Shell Café brand with over 1,800 branches across 20 countries worldwide. We are dedicated to ensuring that every visit to Shell service stations go beyond just obtaining high-quality fuel, it is also a chance to enjoy fresh 100% organic Arabica coffee beans, roasted to perfection in our unique style. With tasting notes reminiscent of chocolate and pollen, these beans are sourced from local farmers in northern Thailand. It comes as no surprise that our Cold Americano has become a customer favourite,” said Mr. Omar Sheikh, Executive Director of Mobility Business at The Shell Company of Thailand Limited.

“Shell Café also offers a delightful selection of ready-to-eat dishes, each guaranteed by Shell Chuan Chim to satisfy your taste buds. From Joke Sam Yan (porridge) to beef soup from Wat Dong Mun Lek, braised pork leg rice, and our very own grilled pork prepared using the cherished Shell Chuan Chim recipe, we are here to delight our customers throughout their journey. The bottom line is we take immense pride in elevating the stature of Thai street food restaurants, making them readily accessible to our valued customers.” he added.

The new Shell Café represents a significant rebranding and an enhancement in its overall appearance compared to the original Deli Café – and now includes a dedicated customer reception area to enhance convenience. Shell Café has adopted three distinct formats: 1. Shell Café Clip-in: This innovative format is designed to seamlessly integrate Shell Café with the Shell Select convenience store, allowing customers to conveniently purchase travel essentials while enjoying 100% Arabica coffee and a variety of delectable beverages. The menu also features an array of fresh bakery items, including croissants, puffs, pies, donuts, sandwiches, and diverse food offerings; 2. Stand-alone Shell Café: This format prioritizes the provision of drinks and bakery products within a welcoming shop atmosphere. Comfortable and spacious, it serves as the perfect spot for travellers to recharge during their journey; and 3. Kiosk-style Shell Café: Catering to Shell gas stations with limited room, this kiosk-type format ensures that customers can still enjoy the Shell Café experience despite space constraints.

“Shell Café plays a crucial role in enhancing the Shell service station experience. With a commitment to delivering a seamless customer journey at Shell, whether it involves refuelling, getting an oil change at the Shell Helix Oil Change+ service centre, utilizing Shell Recharge’s high-efficiency electric vehicle charging service, or enjoying the various amenities available within the station, including restaurants, convenience stores, pet shops, clinics, and car wash services, Shell Café represents a significant destination for Thais on their journey. And this aligns perfectly with the Mobility Business Group’s mission of making life’s journey better,” stated Mr. Omar. 

To mark the grand opening of 100 Shell Cafe branches across the country, Shell is introducing
a special offer on our cold espresso coffee, featuring a brand-new, indulgent formula offering a rich and sweet taste experience, starting at just 55 Baht. We are also extending a special 20-Baht discount to customers who avail themselves of our electric vehicle (EV) charging service at Shell Recharge charging points within Shell service stations. These promotions are available from now until January 15, 2024. Finally, loyal Shell Café customers can enjoy an additional perk through the Shell GO+ loyalty program: one free drink for every 12 purchased!

“Shell Cafe serves as the perfect rest stop on your journey, catering to all your needs. It’s a place where you can recharge not only your vehicles but also yourself, ensuring a comfortable and safe onward journey to your destination. We are committed to continuously expanding the Shell Café network, improving the overall travel experience for our customers by delivering Shell’s premium products and services. Our aim is to bring happiness and improve the quality of life of our customers, aligning with the objectives of our Powering Progress strategy,” concluded Mr. Omar.