Taco Bell Expands Presence in Phuket with Opening of Second Branch at Robinson Lifestyle, Catering to Thai and International Tourists

Taco Bell Expands Presence in Phuket with Opening of Second Branch at Robinson Lifestyle, Catering to Thai and International Tourists

Siam Taco Company Limited, the franchise manager for Taco Bell, a renowned Mexican-style restaurant originating from the United States, organized an event to mark the opening of the second Taco Bell establishment in Phuket. This new branch is situated on the first floor of Robinson Lifestyle Chalong, strategically catering to both Thai residents and international tourists.

To enhance the excitement of the opening, special promotions have been introduced. Customers visiting on November 21 – 30, 2023, will receive a complimentary Taco, with a total of 1,000 pieces available for free during this limited-time offer.

Chalermchai Mahagitsiri, President and CEO of Thoresen Thai Agencies Public Company Limited (TTA) and Director of Siam Taco Company Limited, expressed, “Following the successful launch of Taco Bell’s initial location at Jungceylon in Patong, we have witnessed remarkably strong sales. The positive feedback from both Thai and international customers has met our expectations. Consequently, we recognize the demand for additional outlets in Phuket province, particularly in key tourist destinations.”

He continued, “Therefore, we have decided to open the second Taco Bell branch at Robinson Lifestyle Chalong. This branch follows an inline model with an in-mall style, encompassing a space of 131 sq m. It offers customers the flexibility to either dine in at the restaurant or opt for takeout, accommodating the diverse preferences and lifestyles of our target customers, both Thai and international.”

Taco Bell at Robinson Lifestyle Chalong extends a warm invitation to everyone to embrace the ‘Live Más’ experience, signifying “Live More: Come live your life to the fullest. Try something you’ve never tried before.” Immerse yourself in the delight of savoring semi-Mexican style cuisine that boasts a perfect blend of deliciousness and spiciness. Indulge in world-class, popular recipes like Crunchy Taco Supreme™, Crunchwrap Supreme™, Chicken Quesadilla™, Grilled Stuft Burrito™, and Loaded Nachos™.

Highlighted in the menu is the enticing “Grilled Cheese Bacon Series,” featuring favorites like the Grilled Cheese Bacon Quesadilla (a popular choice), Grilled Cheese Bacon Burrito, Cheesy Bacon Fries, Cheesy Bacon Chips, and the Double Taco Supreme Combo™. These offerings are a mouthwatering delight, boasting a secret meat recipe complemented by a special spicy sauce and sour cream. The addition of fresh vegetables and cheddar cheese ensures a burst of flavors that will captivate the taste buds of both Thai and international customers, offering an irresistible and unstoppable experience of extreme deliciousness.

Taco Bell, the unique and famous Mexican-style restaurant, officially opens at the 1st floor, Robinson Lifestyle Shopping Center, Chalong, Phuket, from 10 am to 10 pm daily. To find more information about the promotional campaign, please visit Taco Bell Facebook: facebook.com/TacoBellTH, IG: @TacoBellTH, X: @Tacobellth, LINE: @TacoBellTH and TikTok: @Tacobellthailand.