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Central Pattana celebrates International Women’s Day 8 March in ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign

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Central Pattana celebrates International Women’s Day 8 March in ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign, believing every woman is outstanding and able to show their talent anywhere, inviting everyone to post images sending positive energy and encouragement to all women through #EveryoneCanInspireInclusion

  • Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024 under the global concept of ‘Inspire Inclusion’ through the ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign to inspire and create positive energy for all women and to support and promote women’s diverse talent.
  • Offering exclusive privileges for women at Central shopping centers nationwide from Krungsri Lady Titanium Credit Card members and KTC Credit Card members from 1-17 March 2024.

Central Pattana plc, global leading real estate developer for sustainability, and developer of Central shopping centers, residential projects, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is launching the ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March to inspire and create positive energy for all women,​and to help support and promote women’s diverse talent. To cherish and encourage all women to move forward with inspiration, you are invited to post images to send positive energy and encouragement to all women with the hashtag: #EveryoneCanInspireInclusion

Central Pattana believes that all women can be outstanding and show their full potential wherever they are, and we reflect this through our vision of ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’, which aims to create spaces that meet the needs and enhance the quality of life in a sustainable way for everyone under our role of ‘Place Maker’. The global theme for International Women’s Day this year is ‘Inspire Inclusion’, and we fully recognize its importance because when we inspire others to understand and value the ‘inclusion’, we make the world a better place. Therefore, we are holding the ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign to inspire and create positive energy for all women – and when women become inspired, they feel accepted, find themselves worthy and it helps to strengthen both physical and mental energy, fulfilling the purpose of International Women’s Day!

Highlights for the ‘She Inspires Me’ campaign: we will inspire and create positive energy for all women, bringing together ‘inspirational women’ who will unveil the inspiration behind their success, sharing positive energy and igniting hope in all women. These inspirational women include members of the entire female management team of Central Pattana and young entrepreneurs from the new generation, such as:

Ms. Wallaya Chirathivat, President & CEO of Central Pattana plc, said: “At Central Pattana, we offer equal opportunities to everyone and our current ratio of male to female employees is a well-balanced proportion of 50:50. I believe that anyone of any gender with passion and dedication can become a good leader and achieve a perfect work-life balance.”

Ms. Naparat Sriwanvit, Chief Financial Officer and Senior Executive Vice President, Finance, Accounting and Risk Management for Central Pattana plc, said: “I am proud to see women stepping up as leaders in many organizations. The sensitivity of women is a distinctive attribute that promotes success in work, beyond just knowledge and abilities. At Central Pattana, we also prioritize caring for everyone, including society and the environment, which forms the foundation for sustainable growth together.

Ms. Thanisa Veerasaksri, CEO and co-founder of RAVIPA, said: In the past, it was very difficult for a woman to step up and become a leader; one thing that I inherited from my mother is that I have a fighting spirit, which has been further instilled in me since childhood. This has encouraged me to become a leader and also to create my own brand. It is important that we combine both strength and gentleness in order to become a great ‘fighter’ yet remain humble and care for others.

Ms. Sureeporn Poonsakpaisan, founder of Chongdee Teahouse, said: “The power of words: my mother has always supported, encouraged and believed in us. This has pushed us to take action even without knowing the outcome. I would like to pass on this power to everyone; not only women – because everyone has different and diverse talent that complements and improves our society to grow and move forward.”

Ms. Raya Wannapinyo, co-founder of GENTLEWOMAN, said: “The power of women can be a great source of inspiration for other women. In my case, for example, among the people that have helped inspire me is Ms. Pla from iberry, a businesswoman who is really active and who has been able to manage her affiliated brands to be very successful while serving her role as a loving mother. I admire her very much and I would like to encourage all women that no matter what job you do, if we are committed, determined and believe in our own potential, we can achieve whatever we want, ladies!”

Ms. Yoshi Rinrada Thurapan, representative of transgender women, said: “I would like you to remember that everything takes time and so does success. I do not want to see anyone put excessive pressure on themselves where they have to be successful by a certain time or age. I want to see everyone happily live every day without putting too much pressure on themselves.”

Central Pattana’s shopping centers continue to care for and place importance on our female customers by allocating special services for women, such as being the first shopping center operator to launch parking zones especially for women (Lady Parking), prominently decorated in and featuring the color pink. Lady Parking offers safety, convenience and helps women feel at ease from threats and theft. Our Lady Parking spaces with pink color themes have become a model for other shopping centers nationwide. We also offer basic services for women, such as a shopping bag carrying service, mother and child room, and diaper-changing room in addition to various services and assistance counters.

In addition, Central Pattana is offering special privileges for women at Central shopping centers nationwide from 1-17 March 2024, which include Krungsri Lady Titanium Credit Card members: receive 7% cashback credit when shopping at participating leading brands such as ZARA, H&M, JASPAL, Pomelo, SEPHORA, EVEANDBOY and Adidas and enjoy four months of 0% interest on installment payments, only for branded fashion stores, cosmetics, spa products and beauty clinics, and receive 15% cashback credit when shopping at Central shopping centers – redeem points as required. KTC Credit Card members, redeem points for 12% cashback credit and be able to use KTC FOREVER points equal to the spending amount.

For more information, please visit: the Facebook fan page: Central Pattana

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