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Swatch takes you on a journey through time with “Swatch x Tate Gallery”

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Swatch takes you on a journey through time with “Swatch x Tate Gallery” collection that brings art to your wrist

Swatch introduced the Swatch x Tate Gallery collection in collaboration with the world-renowned Tate Modern art gallery that showcased modern and contemporary historical masterpieces, including more than 70,000 paintings, sculptures and many different works of art. To further Swatch’s long-standing love of art by bringing art closer to general public, Swatch invited everyone to celebrate art and travel across many different periods of time through art on your wrist with the collection that allowed you to feel like an artist expressing your identity through the watch that you wear.

Swatch believes that art has the power to transport us to different places, and that magic can happen when you spend time with these masterpieces. The Swatch x Tate Gallery collection reflects the brand’s unique essence by telling a time travel story and an expression of one’s true self through a selection of 7 outstanding artists and their unique arts as Swatch incorporates them through
7 watches in the collection. They are:


As part of the avant-garde movement in Paris where he was associated with Cubism, Fernand Léger later became inspired by modern life, machinery and technology and developed a boldly simplistic style based on the separation between color and line. Léger’s Two Women Holding Flowers focuses on the bold and brilliant color, bringing it into full focus across the strap and dial. Three different colored hands bring additional brightness. Take a moment to yourself and your Léger will take you back in time. This 41mm watch is priced at 3,900 baht.


Fascinated by the colorful chaos of the circus, Marc Chagall described it as, ‘a magic show that appears and disappears like a world.’ The whimsical characters of the circus inspired Chagall’s art throughout his life. Marc Chagall’s Blue Circus brings the circus to life through the vivid and vibrant blue across the strap and dial. A moon and an eye balanced on the ends of the hands bring the dynamism of the acrobats to life. A moment of dreamlike magic with Chagall’s Blue Circus could take you to the big top – and beyond. This 41mm watch is priced at 3,900 baht.


Spanish artist Joan Miró’s distinctive style was influenced by Surrealism and other art movements of the era. Miró’s use of shapes and bright colors have personal and symbolic meaning. Miró’s Women and Bird in the Moonlight highlights the abstract and dials up the color with its joyful placement of the image across the dial and strap. Indexes printed on the glass stand out from the artwork adding depth and dimension. Whether the time you take to yourself is in the sunlight or the moonlight, Miró’s famous image will take you to your happy place. This 41mm watch is priced at 3,900 baht.


JMW Turner is often described as ‘the father of modern art’ and is one of Britain’s greatest painters. His unique brushwork and use of color still surprise and delight today. Turner’s Scarlet Sunset takes an iconic scene and focuses on the light and color throughout the whole watch. On the dial, the creative use of the calendar wheel brings additional depth, with the sun changing color across a 14-day period until the cycle begins again. Time spent with your Turner will take you seamlessly from sunrise to sunset. This 34mm watch is priced at 3,550 baht.


Henri Matisse, a French visual artist, had a significant impact on painting. He created Fauvism, an influential bold style of painting using vivid colors and loose brushwork. Matisse’s Snail embraces the famous image on the dial, but also across the transparent strap. Cut loose and spend some time with Matisse’s famous cut-outs and see where it takes you. This 34mm watch is priced at 3,550 baht.


French-American artist Louise Bourgeois was a skilled painter and printmaker who frequently used spirals in her works. For her, their outward movement symbolized ‘giving, and giving up control, trust and positive energy’. Sit back, relax, focus on the positive energy and allow Bourgeois’s Spirals to take you away from it all. Wherever the spirals take you, this 41mm watch is priced at 3,900 baht, there’s also a SwatchPAY! – enabled version available in selected markets that makes secure payments a simple flick of the wrist which is priced at 4,300 baht.


British artist Wilhelmina Barns-Graham’s paintings burst with rich colors and energetic, free-flowing brushwork. She wanted her art to express ‘a celebration of life…the joy and importance of color, texture, energy and vibrancy, with an awareness of space and construction.’ Bold, black indexes are printed on the dial enhancing the powerful energy of this artwork. Barns-Graham’s Orange and Red on Pink reflects Swatch’s natural joie de vivre and invites you to take a moment to immerse yourself in a riot of color. This 41mm watch is priced at 3,900 baht.

At the Swatch Art Journey 2024 held at The Standard Bangkok Mahanakhon Hotel, Swatch has showcased each of the 7 watches from the Swatch x Tate Gallery collection in the same way that a masterpiece work of art by these 7 artists is displayed in a gallery. Guests were allowed to listen to wonderful stories about each watch, not to mention how they enjoyed special menus inspired by the art on the wrist.

Let’s travel through time, explore various art forms, and express various forms of self-expression with Tate Gallery through the Swatch x Tate Gallery collection, available today at all Swatch stores or on Swatch.com.

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