“Mineral water Mist”, the value of all beauty The must-have and handy assistant for beautiful skin of all girls

Why you need one?

The hot and sticky weather including sweating and our exposing-to-pollutions routine such as dust and smoke, cause skins irritation, sticky, dehydrated and discomforted during the day. Finding a place to wash out those impurities is difficult, so ladies today choose to carry a mineral water mist in the bag to spray for an instant face refresh.

Apart from the refreshment retention, Mineral water mist has vast benefits beyond our idea. The mineral water from natural hot springs have been used by worldwide physicians for Dermatitis treatment, so do the mineral spray to the facial skin, undoubtedly. The main benefits are; hydrating  your skin, soothing skin irritation, reducing wrinkles, decelerating skin aging process, relaxing skin, and tightening pores. When applied after cleansing, your skin will be deeply cleaned as well as being moisturized so far.

Mineral Water Facial Mist Vast Benenfits

  1. cooling and calming  
    Mineral water enriched a number of natural minerals being useful to skin such as Soothing the irritation including cooling and calming after outdoor activities. Simply spray it, sunburnt skin will be relieved. Apply after scrubbing to nourish your delicate skin and quickly toning it to the balance, skin also softens and look more radiant.
  2. Hydrate your Skin
    Natural Extracts have the properties in restoring and maintaining skin balance and naturally retain moisture. When you are exhausted with the pile of works and so fatigued that you can’t keep your eyes open, take a mineral water mist kept in refrigerator and spray it all over your face. You’ll be refreshing, immediately rejuvenated, and having your luminous skin sprung up.
  3. Reduce wrinkles and decelerate skin aging process
    Your skin will look youthful and healthy without any sign of aging or fine lines.
  4. Prepare skin before makeup
    The mineral water mist aids in melding the moisturizer into your skin, it therefore eases your girls in makeup. It can prepare your face before applying serum as well.
  5. Set makeup
    Keep your makeup from budging and quickly fading throughout the day by spraying this mineral water mist on entire face after makeup. Thereafter, gently dab with tissue. The mineral water will moisturize your skin, make it aglow, and set makeup to last all day.
  6. Portable and always available in refreshing you
    During the day, whenever you girls want to refresh your faces, or even while travelling, the weather is dry and makes your skin feel uncomfortable, or the outdoor trip, the heat sunshine may pain your skin, or you may weary from the long journey, Mineral water mist can moisturize, soothe and refresh your skin immediately and easiest.

With the vast benefits, Mineral water facial mist now becomes a Must-Have item, a perfect and convenient assistant for beautiful skin recently to hydrate your skin fruitfully and simply.

POSITIF would like to introduce POSITIF BRIGHT & SOFT MINERAL WATER MIST” the mineral water spray for nourishing and moisturizing your skin with the efficiency of mineral from rocks under the sea, enriching with a number of minerals have small molecule that can be deeply absorbed through skin while moisturizing and boosting skin’s elasticity, nurturing and enhancing skin reinforcement, ready to protect skin from pollutions.

Size & Price :  100ml.,  380 Baht

Precious ingredients

Spring Sea Water is mineral water produced from granite under the sea containing salts of calcium, and magnesium which are essential to the adherence of collagen structure, tighten skin, and keep it balanced as well as stimulating the circulation of water nourishing in skin cells and enhance its reinforcement.

Bio Antiage B pertains in whitening, softening, moisturizing skin and create a youthful look, anti-aging and reduce melanin pigment. Brighter your skin and revive youthful look.

Glucosyl Hesperidin, one of bioflavonoid found in citrus plants being useful in stimulating blood circulation resulting in radiant skin.

How to use

Hold the bottle 20 cms away from your face. Close your eyes. Spray the mineral water all over your face. Gently pat with your palms until it absorbs to skin. (Use as often as needed. Suitable for all skin types, even for sensitive skin.)
Refreshing and nourishing your skin to keep it healthy with POSITIF BRIGHT & SOFT MINERAL WATER MIST. Distributed today at www.positifthailand.com

Living Life Beautifully in POSITIF Style

POSITIF, as the high quality products’ developer according to Japanese industrial standards, has its commitment and goodwill to develop highest quality products delivered to customers the best beauty and healthy products to cherish both body and soul to be healthy, strong and happy every day. POSITIF is prominent in the innovation from Japan. Our brand has cooperated with a Japanese leading Research and developing institute having over 70 years experiences in creating precious products by carefully selecting the natural effective ingredients (Japan Secret Ingredient) such as Botanical power into the genuinely skincare innovation. We believe that the true beauty begins at cleanness, strong, and healthiness from within, in order to fulfill happiness in living your life, and turn every day to be a beautiful day.