Unicity visits Myanmar to see the progress of the school construction.

In July 2015, Myanmar was hit by a major flood from Cyclone Komen resulting in severe damage in some parts of the country and great difficulties to recover the situation. Unicity and our businesspeople could not turn a blind eye to this disaster and did not hesitate to take action by donating more than 8 million baht in just 2 days through the World Vision Foundations, Thailand.

That help created a great opportunity for the Burmese in Yenanchaung, Magway region, one of the areas that were heavily damaged. By building a school and improving the landscape, Unicity helped children to be able to attend classes once again. The school is called No. 123 Basic Education Primary School, situated in Main Mala Kyun village.

Recently, Unicity, led by Mr. Clayton Baton, Chief Operating Officer of Unicity International, and a group of Unicity businesspeople visited the area to observe the progress on the construction of the school and to encourage local students and villagers. This is another corporate social responsibility activity that Unicity has always focused on, in accordance with the commitment of the company, to ‘Make Life Better’.