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FWD Insurance wins 3 awards at ADFEST 2024 for its innovative “The Talkable Bus Shelter” campaign”

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FWD Insurance wins 3 awards at ADFEST 2024 for its innovative “The Talkable Bus Shelter” campaign”, benefitting the visually impaired

FWD Life Insurance Plc. (“FWD Insurance”) received notable recognition for its creative excellence, winning three awards at ADFEST 2024, Asia’s most celebrated regional creative festival. The awards were in honor of our impactful “The Talkable Bus Shelter” campaign, designed to enhance the daily commute experience for the visually impaired with greater convenience and safety. This campaign seamlessly integrated innovative creativity and advanced technology to promote social equity and enable everyone to pursue life without worry.

Ms. Pavarisa Chumvigrant, Chief Marketing Officer of FWD Insurance, celebrated another year of success, attributing it to the synergy between innovative ideas and technology. This synergy led to the company securing three prestigious awards at ADFEST 2024, including the Silver Award in the Radio & Audio Lotus: Innovation: Use of audio or voice technology subcategory and the Bronze Award in the Outdoor Lotus: Transit sub category and Direct Lotus: Ambient Large Scale subcategory. The standout feature of the campaign, the “FWD SINGING BUS” under “The Talkable Bus Shelter” campaign, exemplified a remarkable collaboration with GREYNJ UNITED. This initiative introduced the “Intelligent Voice System,” ingeniously adapting sound wave principles to accommodate the hearing abilities of the visually impaired. The system’s purpose was to alert them of approaching buses, facilitate their access to public services, and ensure safer journeys to their destinations.

“The accolades serve as tangible proof of our steadfast dedication to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in society. Through the fusion of creativity and technology, effectively alleviate the challenges faced by the visually impaired, empowering them to navigate their daily lives with ease and pursue their desired lifestyles without worry,” Ms. Pavarisa concluded.

ADFEST, organized by the Asia Pacific Advertising Association, is a platform to champion cultural diversity and creative excellence. ADFEST 2024 featured a robust lineup of 1,587 advertisements vying for recognition across 21 categories. Under the theme “HI,” or Human Intelligence, the focus was on highlighting the indispensable role of human wisdom amidst the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence. This theme underscored the notion that AI is the essential tool with its infinite possibilities, but Human Intelligence is the indispensable power that makes it all possible.

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