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South Sukhumvit Association Presents ‘Tree House 95 Phrakhanong’ in Response to Bangkok’s “15-Minute Pocket Parks” Policy

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South Sukhumvit Association Presents ‘Tree House 95 Phrakhanong’ in Response to Bangkok’s “15-Minute Pocket Parks” Policy

South Sukhumvit Association, a united front of private entities and government agencies in Phra Khanong – Bang Na area, has collaborated with the Phra Khanong District Office, the Creative Economy Agency, and local creators in upgrading Phra Khanong – Bang Na into an innovation district. Their collaboration has also breathed new life into ‘Tree House 95 Phrakhanong’.

Occupying 214 square meters at the end of Soi Sukhumvit 95, this place has created a vertical public space with a tree house to connect locals with nature.

This initiative aims to serve as a pilot project for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA) 15-Minute Pocket Parks policy.

Mrs. Saitip Sukonmanee, director of the Phra Khanong District Office, said, “Public spaces are essential to the enhancement of people’s quality of life. Given that there are now too few outdoor public spaces in Bangkok, the BMA has the policy to prepare a public park within 15 Minute Pocket Parks for the people to increase access to the outdoor park within walking distance. The BMA really hopes that Bangkokians will be able to wind down near their home. My district office has already identified vacant and deserted plots of land in our jurisdiction for development into useful public spaces. One of the plots was at the end of Soi Sukhumvit 95. In 2021, students and lecturers from the International Program in Design and Architecture (INDA) of the Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Architecture stepped in to turn this plot into a playground with a tower erected over tree support. Kids could thus play safely at the spot. However, its tree house had turned dilapidated over time. To uphold our original intention, we have collaborated with the South Sukhumvit Association this time to rejuvenate this public space”.

The restoration of ‘Tree House 95 Phrakhanong’ materialized through a multipartite collaboration. Sukhumvit 95 Design Collective, which comprises locals and entrepreneurs in Soi Sukhumvit 95, redesigned and rehabilitated the old tree house. The landscape was revamped to ensure the spot can serve as a playground and accommodate various types of locals’ activities. The Material Engineering Department of the Kasetsart University’s Faculty of Engineering contributed to the collaboration through its research and development of innovative concrete flooring. Made of garbage ash, this innovation curbs carbon footprint and garbage problem with garbage used for electricity generation.

Enabled by its knowledge and expertise, Thai Obayashi Company Limited has supported the collaboration by erecting fence around Tree House 95 Phrakhanong.

‘Tree House 95 Phrakhanong’ was first unveiled at the Bangkok Design Week 2024, which ran from 27 January to 4 February this year. Ranking among 15+ creative districts, South Sukhumvit showcased its distinctive ways of life via various interesting programs. Among the highlights of South Sukhumvit is Playscape 95, which was accompanied by an exhibition and a seminar during the festival.

85mm. Studio & House was in charge of “Where we were” exhibition of photos and furniture pieces while Books & Belongings organized Politics of Food seminar.

Both events showed locals how to use Tree House 95 Phrakhanong in a creative way. After the completion of Bangkok Design Week 2024, Tree House 95 Phrakhanong has transformed into an additional public asset that has been transferred to the community and residents in the surrounding area. Specifically, children can continuously benefit from it.

Mr. Onza Janyaprasert, Project Director of Cloud 11 by MQDC A new hub for the creative industry and Representative of South Sukhumvit Association, said, “Reviving Tree House 95 Phrakhanong as a public space has raised quality of life because locals now have easy access to a green oasis. This public space, moreover, can accommodate various kinds of activities. It is a safe playground for kids and a recreational space for adults who may step in just to relax or to work out. Via Tree House 95 Phrakhanong, interactions within local communities also increase. So, this is really another success of South Sukhumvit Association. We have fostered the Public Private People Partnership that allows partners to leverage their different capabilities based on their interests for synergy and Phra Khanong – Bang Na’s eventual upgrade into a creative district. We set our sight on developing South Sukhumvit as a truly livable and inclusive city”.

For updates about South Sukhumvit Association and its activities, please follow Facebook Fan Page: South Sukhumvit.

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