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TikTok Shop Highlights New Business Opportunities and Moments in Life can happen together through Live Commerce.

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TikTok Shop Highlights New Business Opportunities and Moments in Life can happen together through Live Commerce.

No matter whether “Songkran or Back-to-School”, shopping online is a lifetime for Thai Shoppers.

  • Thai entrepreneurs utilize ‘Live Streaming’ to boost product sales.
  • Consumers make purchases on TikTok Shop at an average of 1.6 million per day
  • Affiliate creators earn more income by adding a shopping basket to represent festival-related products, such as water guns, waterproof mobile phone cases, floral patterned shirts, etc.
  • A summary of 24 live sessions totaling 43 hours with the activity “Refill Your Joy with TikTok Shop – เติมความสนุก สุขเต็มตะกร้า” by TikTok Shop and partners.
  • Recommend shops to increase revenue through Live Streaming for Back-To-School season.

TikTok Shop, the leading e-commerce solution in Southeast Asia, reveals that Live Commerce adds fun and new business opportunities to the e-commerce ecosystem in every moment of life, whether it’s Songkran or Back-To-School. It reveals that the product category “Womenswear & Underwear” surged to the top of the list of most popular products in April, followed by the category “Home & Kitchen.” Thai consumers choose to shop via TikTok Shop, with an average daily traffic of 1.6 million during Songkran. Consequently, the activity “Refill Your Joy With TikTok Shop – เติมความสนุก สุขเต็มตะกร้า,” organized by TikTok Shop together with partners, can unleash the power of fun and help support more local shops selling products simultaneously on the platform.

Shoppertainment combines O2O Live Streaming to create additional business opportunities for Thai entrepreneurs during the festive season.

TikTok Shop’s data for April this year reveals that local stores are leveraging Live Streaming to enhance their product sales. Alongside creating short videos, creators are adding a yellow shopping cart, resulting in increased sales of OTOP products and creative handicrafts. This includes products from ICONCRAFT, renowned for being the hub of Thai creativity, located on the 4-5th floors at ICONSIAM, which has been gaining more attention recently. Particularly during the Songkran festival, the “Refill Your Joy with TikTok Shop” activity, held between April 10-16, garnered significant traction.

Overview of the e-Commerce market during the Songkran festival, it is emphasized that TikTok Shop stands as a Trendy & Saving platform, offering both fun and opportunities for Thai businesses.

  • Popular product categories that Thai people shop in April
    • Womenwear & Underwear
    • Home & Kitchen
    • Mom & Babies
    • Fashion Accessories
    • Phone & Universal Accessories
  • Trending keywords on TikTok, sourced from the TikTok Creative Center: Keyword Insights: trending keywords on TikTok, reveal the *popularity of product categories that have experienced a significant surge over the last 30 days, particularly those related to the Songkran festival. These include:
    • “Mobile phone bags” increased by 8,100%
    • “Water Flask” increased by 880%
    • “Bodysuit” increased by 650%
    • “Short sleeve shirts” increased by 480%
    • “Electric water guns” increased by 372%
  • Summary of the success of live streaming through the activity ‘Refill Your Joy With TikTok Shop – เติมความสนุก สุขเต็มตะกร้า’:
    • In-Door Live Booth (Creators Selling OTOP): 19 Live Sessions, totaling 38 hours of live streaming
    • Dunk Tank (Featuring Celebrities): 5 Live Sessions, contributing 5 hours of live streaming.
    • Total: 24 Live Sessions, accumulating a total of 43 hours of live streaming.
  • “Top 3 best-selling product groups from OTOP:
    • น้ำผึ้ง (Honey)
    • รางจืด (Detox Herb)
    • กุ๊ยช่ายกรอบ (Crispy Chives)
  • Top 3 best-selling products from ICONCRAFT:
    • Jasmine Aroma Balm
    • Aromatic Slidebalm Feel Fin
    • PHUTAWAN Herbal Soap

The hashtags #สงกรานต์2567 #เติมความสนุกสุขเต็มตะกร้า #RefillYourJoywithTTS #TTSSongkran2024, used during April 12-16, garnered more than 391,000 mentions and generated over 1.3 million engagements on social media.

Miss Kornnikar Niwatsaiwong, Head of FMCG E-Commerce at TikTok Shop Thailand said “TikTok Shop aims to be a platform that combines fun and provides business opportunities within the e-commerce ecosystem. This encompasses entrepreneurs, local shops, Thai product brands, creators, and consumers. This year, our goal is to collectively promote the soft power of Thailand, beginning with the F-Festival, one of the country’s five core soft powers. During this year’s Songkran, we observed a daily influx of 1.6 million consumers shopping through TikTok Shop. This reflects the abundant business opportunities and value for consumers and underscores how Live Commerce seamlessly integrates with the festive season, including the upcoming new school term. It demonstrates consumers’ eagerness to blend the online and offline worlds together seamlessly.

“For a summary of the event ‘Refill Your Joy with TikTok Shop – เติมความสนุก สุขเต็มตะกร้า,’ this stands as one of the key initiatives through which TikTok Shop endeavors to support local entrepreneurs and foster engaging experiences via Shoppertainment using Live Streaming. Throughout the event, we conducted over 20 Live Sessions, totaling more than 40 hours, aimed at promoting local products.

This effort has significantly contributed to enhancing the visibility of Thai products, with examples such as Jasmine Aroma Balm emerging as a top best-selling product from ICONCRAFT and ‘Honey’ gaining prominence as the hottest product from the OTOP side,” Ms.Kornnikar elaborated.

“New Semester, No Distractions” – TikTok Shop Recommends 5 Insider Tips to Help Stores Boost Income via Live Streaming During Back-to-School

TikTok Shop serves as an essential channel for Thai families shopping during this period, offering a wide range of trendy products at attractive prices that align with Thai shopping habits. TikTok also serves as a platform where parents and students discover the latest trends, from household items and appliances to clothing and various wearable accessories. With the new school term commencing, it presents an excellent opportunity for retailers, food and consumer product brands, technology, health, finance, and general stores to create campaigns and engage live stream content to expand their customer base and drive sales. Here are four recommendations:

Enhance the Quality of Live Content: Viewers appreciate smooth, clear, and uninterrupted Live streams, coupled with immersive elements such as thematic store decorations or costumes. Crucially, the content should focus on engagement rather than being overly sales-oriented. Therefore, stores must ensure optimal audio and video quality and consistently prepare engaging content that aligns with their target audience.

  • Incorporate Gaming and Freebies: Enhance the interactive shopping experience by integrating gaming elements into your live streams. Organize virtual activities such as Q&A quizzes, price guessing games, or singing sessions to engage buyers.
  • Additionally, consider showcasing gameplay, dancing, or other captivating activities to attract and retain audience interest. Lastly, provide small freebies upon purchase to leave a lasting impression and ensure customers remember their shopping experience.
  • Choose Trendy & High-Quality Products to Foster Audience Engagement: While Live Streaming is an effective sales strategy for attracting and persuading buyers, the quality and trendiness of products play a crucial role in drawing viewers and prompting purchasing decisions. You can explore trending products using the Explore Top Product On TikTok feature to identify popular items. Additionally, businesses, whether they have a physical storefront or not, can leverage live product reviews to boost sales by sharing genuine experiences with their audience.
  • Continuously Improve Backend Services to Foster Customer Loyalty and Repeat Purchases: Customer service is paramount in any business, regardless of its size. The language, expressions, and gestures used by live broadcasters can significantly influence sales. Moreover, providing exceptional after-sales customer service is essential for retaining existing customers and extracting additional value from them, such as referrals. Therefore, it’s crucial to focus on developing backend services to cultivate customer loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.

TikTok leads the Live Streaming arena, fostering real-time shopping engagement and providing consumers with added purchase incentives. According to the ‘Shoppertainment 2024 : THE FUTURE OF CONSUMER & COMMERCE’ report, one crucial consumer behavior unveiled is the seamless transition from browsing product content to making purchases (Effortless Browse-to-Buy) within a single platform. Parents, students, and various consumer segments alike seek quality products, discounts, and free shipping from brands or stores offering trendy and value-driven products. TikTok Shop is actively assisting stores and entrepreneurs in harnessing the potential of TikTok’s e-commerce platform and solutions as an effective channel to market and sell products during the back-to-school period through engaging Live sessions,” remarked Miss Kornnikar

Moreover, merchants can implement short-term marketing activity strategies to yield swift returns. By participating in the Shipping Fee Program campaign and offering XTRA free shipping coupons to customers, they can achieve a “Quick Win” and capture consumers’ attention during the payment consideration stage. Additionally, adhering consistently to the policies and regulations outlined by the TikTok Shop Academy is essential for selling products effectively.

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