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Nestlé Hosts “Balanced Diet Workshop: Embracing Health and Indulgence with Nestlé”

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Nestlé Hosts “Balanced Diet Workshop: Embracing Health and Indulgence with Nestlé” to Promote Good Physical and Mental Well-Being

Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. organized the “Balanced Diet Workshop: Embracing Health and Indulgence with Nestlé” as part of the company’s “Every Little Bite Matters” campaign to encourage Thai people to embrace a balanced consumption of food that is beneficial for both the body and mind. Food plays a greater role in life than we think, providing not only nutrition but also contributing to emotional and social needs. Understanding the limitations of different lifestyles, Nestlé aims to provide tastier and more nutritious products and support Thai people in achieving a balanced diet for long-term physical and mental well-being.

The “Balanced Diet Workshop: Embracing Health and Indulgence with Nestlé” promotes balanced eating and lifestyles while inspiring people to make small changes in their daily food choices. Nestlé believes that every little bite has the power to make a big impact. The workshop revealed how to achieve good health through the Food Pairing–Portion Control–Meal Planning technique. Food Pairing means enhancing each meal with complete nutrients, including pairing to complete the five food groups and choosing complementary foods to increase their benefits. Portion Control focuses on controlling the amount of food a person eats to match their physical needs. Meal Planning involves designing a balanced meal for each day. The Food Pairing–Portion Control–Meal Planning technique emphasizes choosing both the types and quantities of food suitable for your physical needs while still fulfilling your mind. This technique can be easily followed to create a sustainable, balanced lifestyle and aligns with Nestlé’s “Good for You” strategy, which has always been a core focus for the company.

Photos from left to right

  • Ms. Chantima Kaeyanon, NHW Portfolio and Communication Manager, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.
  • Ms. Kasama Laosinchai, Marketing Excellence and NHW Group Manager, Communication and Marketing Services, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.
  • Ms. Salinla Seehaphan, Corporate Affairs Director, Nestlé (Thai) Ltd.
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rewadee Chongsuwat, President of the Nutrition Association of Thailand, and Professor of Nutrition Department, Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University
  • Ms. Krisadee Bodhidatta, Registered Dietitian (Thailand and USA), Advisor to the Nutrition and Dietetics Center, ViMUT-Theptarin Hospital
  • Ms. Marie Broenner
  • Ms. Sripan Chunechomboon



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