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Cental Pattana presents awards to partner brands participating in ‘Green Partnership’,

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Cental Pattana presents awards to partner brands participating in power consumption reduction program ‘Green Partnership’, highlighting Central Pattana as sustainable organization

Central Pattana plc, Thailand’s top real estate developer for global sustainability, operator of Central shopping centers, residences, office buildings and hotels nationwide, is committed to creating a better world under the vision of ‘Imagining Better Futures for All’. Central Pattana is moving forward with the ‘Journey to Net Zero 2050’ campaign and has presented awards to leading partner brands that have adopted power consumption reduction measures and responsible waste management under the ‘Green Partnership 2023’ program to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as Central Pattana aims to achieve its sustainability goals and move towards a low-carbon society.

Mr. Isareit Chirathivat, Head of Fashion and Luxury Partner Management, Central Pattana plc, said: “The Green Partnership program is under Central Pattana’s ‘Journey to NET Zero 2050’ campaign, which will help move us towards sustainability with an improved environment by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, and which is in line with the National Energy Plan. We have focused on adjusting our role to move into the era of energy transitioning, to unlock and join hands with all sectors to drive our country towards the goal of a low-carbon society along with boosting Thailand’s economic potential. Global warming has forced business operators to increase their electricity consumption so Central Pattana initiated the Green Partnership program and has joined hands with leading business partners including store operators and office tenants to help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we have launched ‘Central Pattana SERVE’, with the additional feature of utility usage history for users to easily track and compare their monthly and annual electricity consumption.”

Ms. Uthaiwan Anuchitanukul, Head of Excellence and Sustainable Development, Central Pattana plc, said: In 2023, over 50 leading partner brands, or a total of 1,000 branches nationwide, joined the Green Partnership program to jointly move towards the goal of a low-carbon society. In this program, stores can together save up to 719,171 kilowatt-hours of electricity or reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 360 tons of carbon dioxide. A total of six leading brands have received the Green Reward, a special award designed by artist: Thanawat Maneenawa (or ‘Pae TAM:DA’) using recycled materials from electrical appliances to create new value. We will continue our Green Partnership program in order to create a strong and sustainable green partnership.”  

At the award ceremony event, we were honored by executives of partner brands who attended the event, including Mr. Arihito Matsumoto, Chief Operating Officer, UNIQLO Thailand; Mrs. Saichon Submakudom, Acting Head of Public Relations and Business Relations and Business Unit, AIS; Ms. Chalermkwan Chaivutthikul, Operation Director, The Minor Food Group plc; Mr. Thirawat Loetthiraphan, Head of Asian Cuisine, Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd.,; Ms. Duangta Chaihongsa, Area Manager, Advice IT Infinite plc; and Mr. Poramin Niyompan, Executive Chairman, PA Phone Co., Ltd.

Mr. Arihito Matsumoto, Chief Operating Officer of UNIQLO Thailand, said: “UNIQLO strives to make our supply chain sustainable in every process, starting with the production of products, that we produce only what’s needed, based on customer demand, and produce products that have good quality, and can be used lifelong. As for our stores, we see the importance of reducing GHG emissions. So, we took initiatives such as installing LED lighting in stores and increasing energy efficiency by educating employees on simple but effective actions such as turning off lights and appliances when not in use. Ultimately, driving sustainability will move forward well when all sectors work together. By joining forces with Central Pattana, we aim to create a better community where society will grow steadily and sustainably together.”

Mrs. Saichon Submakudom, Acting Head of Public Relations and Business Relations and Business Unit at AIS, said: “AIS’s mission is in line with Central Pattana’s sustainable Green Partnership program, which encourages all sectors to come together as a force to drive the ‘Ecosystem Economy’ or sharing economy. We do not focus solely on profitability; we also place emphasis on the growth of our people, society, the economy and the environment together. With cooperation with Central Pattana, in addition to energy saving, we are also jointly worked on the project entitled ‘Thai People Free of E-Waste’, which encourages people to discard their electronic waste through AIS E-waste+ at AIS Store located in Central Pattana shopping centers, with additional special benefits for participants.”

Mr. Thirawat Loetthiraphan, Head of Asian Cuisine, Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd., said: “Global warming is relevant to all of us and we should all be aware of and take important steps to reduce global warming. The core mission of CRG is to strengthen our business along with sustainable development through our key operations – ‘C-R-G’, where R stands for ‘Reduce Greenhouse Gases’. This reflects that we place importance on the environment and we also ensure that all of our brands place this as an important key in practice as we raise awareness on sustainability among all employees in our food business group. We are pleased to be a part of the Green Partnership in an important step to reduce global warming as well as moving towards becoming a sustainable organization and helping move Thailand towards the Net Zero goals.”

6 leading brands that won the Green Partnership Reward 2023 in two categories:

  1. Top 3 brands that reduced their total electricity consumption by the highest percentage were: Chabuton, ADVICE and P.A. Phone.
  2. Top 3 brands that reduced their highest overall amount of electricity usage units were: Uniqlo, AIS and BONCHON.

In addition, the Green Partnership 2024 program, which is now in its second year, is currently open for applications from store operators, office tenants and tenants of Central Pattana’s retail spaces and affiliated companies. Make sure to take part and support the Journey to Net Zero 2050 – and receive a number of great benefits from today until 15 June 2024. For more details, please click: Central Pattana Green Partnership.

Central Pattana continues to move forward with its sustainable development plan following the Journey to Net Zero 2050, with various initiatives such as ‘Green Building’, where all of our real estate projects are designed according to green building standards; ‘Clean Energy’, where we support clean energy use by installing solar rooftops on the roofs of our shopping centers and parking spaces (which have been able to produce total electricity energy of 26,011 megawatt/hours); ‘Water Recycling’ measures help to reduce our water consumption – reusing water, collecting rainwater and recycling water by installing a water recycling production system, helping reduce water consumption by 1.4 million cubic meters; ‘Waste Diversion’ has helped reduce landfill waste by more than 31,425 tons (achieving the target) and we also ensure that our ‘Air Quality’ meets the PM2.5 standard. Moreover, Central Pattana has collaborated with partners in a number of green campaigns and activities and is always ready to join hands with all sectors to create a strong and sustainable green partnership.

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