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Honoring Property Industry Excellence: Support the Asia Pacific International Property & Hotel Awards 2024-25

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Honoring Property Industry Excellence: LIXIL’s American Standard and GROHE Proudly Support the Asia Pacific International Property & Hotel Awards 2024-25

LIXIL power brands, American Standard and GROHE, honored outstanding achievements across the property industry at the Asia Pacific International Property & Hotel Awards 2024-25.  The prestigious event welcomed over five hundred (500) guests and industry luminaries to celebrate excellence across architecture, interior design, real estate and property development. The event recognized over four hundred (400) winning companies from across the Asia Pacific and culminated in a gala event with the announcement and presentation of the American Standard Innovation Award, the GROHE Sustainability Award and the new GROHE Luxury Award.

This year’s edition unveiled the Asia Pacific Hotel Awards category to recognize excellence in the hospitality sector. Participation increased to nearly one thousand entries, which were judged by a panel of 50 industry experts and peers. Each entry was meticulously evaluated for design, quality, service, innovation, originality, and dedication to sustainability.

By country, China garnered the highest number of awards (189), followed by Thailand (122). Notable achievements were recorded by India (58), Indonesia (43), Singapore (37), Vietnam, the Philippines, and Australia (28 each).

Audrey Yeo, Leader, LIXIL Water Technology, Asia Pacific said, “Our partnership with the International Property Awards (IPA) has put the global spotlight on outstanding projects from across the region and lifted the profile of deserving architects, designers and developers. We have experienced terrific interest and growth in the Asia Pacific Property awards, and we expect the new Hotel award category and new GROHE Luxury Award to generate even more international interest and attention.”

ตอกย้ำความร่วมมือระหว่างลิกซิลและ IPA – สจ๊วต ชีลด์ ผู้ก่อตั้ง IPA (ซ้าย) และ ออดรีย์ โหย่ว ลีดเดอร์ เอเชียแปซิฟิก, ธุรกิจเทคโนโลยีการใช้น้ำ ลิกซิล (ขวา)

“The region continues to be an economic and trendsetting powerhouse. Solid economic fundamentals and growing urbanization across the region will continue to benefit the property industry. In turn, increasing consumer aspirations for better homes and spending power will increase demand for thoughtfully designed, inclusive properties that prioritize health & wellbeing and sustainability. Our American Standard and GROHE brands are proud to partner with the IPA and many IPA winners to make better homes a reality for everyone, everywhere.” added Audrey.

LIXIL’s consumer-focused approach and how water shapes our living environments was explored at the IPA by Antoine Besseyre des Horts, Leader, LIXIL Global Design, Asia through a seminar centering around Water Wellness. The audience appreciated how this advanced thinking is behind GROHE SPA offerings that empower architects, designers and developers to tailor solutions, enhance consumer experiences and add to property value.

The theme of consumer-focus, purposeful intent, and personalization was showcased at a special on-site exhibition by American Standard and GROHE. The audience toured the American Standard exhibit through selections from the Acacia Collection, Signature Collection, spalet and auto temperature mixers in exciting color finishes that complement consumer lifestyles and aspirations.

The GROHE SPA exhibit guided guests through the theme of ‘Health through Water’ with curated collections that explore the options for different materials, customized user settings, colors, and finishes. This enables tremendous creative flexibility, in offerings such as the Rainshower AQUA ceiling shower, to create a transformative multi-sensory showering experience through personalization.

รางวัล GROHE Luxury Award มอบให้แก่โรงแรม แพน แปซิฟิก ออร์ชาร์ด สิงคโปร์ ของยูโอแอล กรุ๊ป

At the event, the Pan Pacific Orchard hotel, Singapore by UOL Group was awarded the inaugural GROHE Luxury Award. This award celebrates ‘New Luxury’— a blend of exceptional design and luxurious interiors with values of responsibility, conscious consumption, and sustainability.  The Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore features unique open-air terraces named Forest, Beach, Garden, and Cloud; incorporating sustainable and biophilic design principles, with lush greenery and gardens. Each terrace has its own theme, such as a tropical forest or beach oasis, providing a harmonious environment for guests. It offers a holistic experience that integrates distinguished design and luxury interiors with the  values of sustainability.

For more than 20 years, GROHE has been committed to sustainability, with initiatives such as circular products, reduced plastics packaging, and using renewable solar energy for its manufacturing processes. BSD City by Sinar Mas Land was announced as the GROHE Sustainability Award winner. BSD City is a city of the future that is located in Jakarta, built around three main aspects of sustainability; Social, Economy, and Environment. To support the environment, BSD City has organized various green events involving local communities in activities such as energy saving, waste management, and promoting green habits. These efforts extend to city development, resulting in Green Buildings that not only enhance BSD City but also contribute to reducing its overall carbon footprint

American Standard, backed by almost 150 years of pioneering legacy, continues to be recognized for its purposeful design and innovations across bathroom and kitchen solutions that create homes that consumers will love everyday. The American Standard Innovation Award was presented to the Future Car Park project, Hangzhou by Daniel Statham Studio. The project aims to create harmony between the “Automobile and the City” and features a high-tech automated car parking system, a rooftop park area and events space. Cars are parked, or stacked, in futuristic towers that ‘blossom’ upwards to accommodate roof gardens and entertainment facilities. The roof provides shade and shelter to the ground level plaza in a ‘canopy of trees’ . The porous cladding creates a see-through effect of the automated parking system within the towers, while simultaneously letting light into the building and acting as a natural ventilation system.


To view the complete list of winners at the Asia Pacific International Property and Hotel Awards, please visit – https://propertyawards.net/winners/.

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