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OPTIFAST: Thailand’s first medical food for weight reduction,

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OPTIFAST: Thailand’s first medical food for weight reduction, nutritionally balanced products with 20g protein and delectable taste

Drawing upon extensive experience and expertise, especially in the realm of nutritionally balanced food products, Nestlé Health Science, under the roof of Nestlé Thailand, has led the way in developing OPTIFAST, Thailand’s first medical food for weight reduction designed specifically for weight management among those in neede.g., overweight individuals, those with obesity or abnormalities related to obesity. OPTIFAST serves as a meal replacement option, seamlessly complementing lifestyle modification; for example, limiting energy intake, encouraging nutritional food consumption, and adjusting exercise routines for weight loss.*

Nestlé remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering ‘Good for You’ products that enrich lives today and tomorrow. Nestlé Health Science, building on this strategy, harnesses its expertise in nutrition to pioneer nutritionally balanced products. With the unveiling of OPTIFAST, Thailand’s first medical food for weight reduction, which has already been registered as a medical food. OPTIFAST is a globally recognized product that offers an approach for Thai consumers who need to lose weight, delivering diverse nutrition with a delicious taste that can be enjoyed daily.” Ms. Anusara Khomvilai, Business Manager, Nestlé Health Science said.

OPTIFAST is a medical food for weight reduction, offering a diverse and suitable range of nutrients. Each sachet delivers 215 kilocalories, featuring a protein content of 20 grams. Protein is crucial for muscle maintenance and support. There are also 18.8 grams of carbohydrates and minimal fructose sugar of less than 0.5 grams, along with three types of dietary fiber. Fiber promotes digestive health and regular bowel movements. Furthermore, with the inclusion of monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), as well as a variety of vitamins and minerals, it contributes to ensuring diverse nutrition during periods of calorie restriction and can be consumed as a meal replacement.

Colonel Sirakarn Tejavanija, M.D., Physician Nutrition Specialist Phramongkutklao College of Medicine, underscores the importance and correct methods of weight loss, stating: “Currently, there are numerous weight loss methods promising short-term results. However, without guidance from a physician or a dietitian, they may have detrimental long-term effects on the body. For example, adhering to a ketogenic diet that emphasizes high-fat intake may lead to excessive consumption of fats from various animal meats, butter, and coconut milk, thereby increasing the risk of heart disease and related conditions. Similarly, strict calorie restriction diets can result in inadequate nutrient intake, particularly protein, causing significant loss of both fat and muscle mass in the body. Despite initial rapid weight loss, such diets can slow down the body’s metabolism, leading to swift weight regain once regular eating habits resume, perpetuating a frustrating cycle.

In the field of medicine, the key to achieving effective and safe weight loss lies in a core principle: reducing calorie intake to prompt the body to utilize stored fat for energy. However, it’s imperative to ensure adequate intake of high-quality protein to preserve muscle mass, essential for maintaining metabolic efficiency and sustainable weight management. Additionally, incorporating heart-healthy fats and ensuring sufficient intake of vitamins and minerals are essential components. These strategies ensure optimal nutrition during calorie restriction, fostering a safe and successful weight loss journey with tangible results.”

OPTIFAST, a medical food for weight reduction, offers an alternative for individuals in need of weight loss according to medical advice. Utilized alongside exercise behavior adjustments, it is administered under the guidance of healthcare professionals. Now readily available and purchasable through hospital outlets, Health Up Pharmacy and Nestlé Health Science Official Stores on various platforms, including Lazada and Shopee.

Those interested can seek information and consult with OPTIFAST through multiple channels, including:

Tel: 1162 Ext. 8, Monday – Friday 9.00 – 18.00 hr. or 02-657-8601.

Line: @nestle.health

Facebook: Nestle Health Science

For more information, please visit https://www.nestlehealthscience-th.com/brands/Optifast/Shake

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