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Sculpting Physical and Mental Serenity: ‘A Taste of Chiva-Som x SCOPE Langsuan’

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Sculpting Physical and Mental Serenity: SCOPE and its Subsidiary ACQUA Partner with ‘Chiva-Som’ to Host ‘A Taste of Chiva-Som x SCOPE Langsuan’ Event, Elevating Residents’ Wellness with Holistic Living Expertise

SCOPE, a lifestyle-real estate developer renowned for its exclusive ultra-luxury offerings, has collaborated with its subsidiary ACQUA, known for its expertise in management and crafting integrated living experiences. Together, they have joined forces with Chiva-Som International Health Resort (Chiva-Som Hua Hin), Asia’s premier health retreat, to curate the special event “A Taste of Chiva-Som x SCOPE Langsuan” at SCOPE Langsuan. This event provided residents the exclusive consultations on holistic health care on April 27, 2024, enriching their living experience in every facet. This initiative, themed around ACQUA’s Hospitality and Beyond philosophy, aimed to offer residents with integrated hospitality and services akin to those world class hotels.

Mr. Yongyutt Chaipromprasith, Chief Executive Officer of Scope Co., Ltd., elaborated, “SCOPE is deeply committed to understanding the needs of our residents and customers who prioritize their health. To this end, we have engaged ACQUA: Lifestyle Management, renowned for its expertise in integrated living lifestyle management, to organize activities promoting a healthy lifestyle and wellness under the name ‘A Taste of Chiva-Som x SCOPE Langsuan’. This immersive experience allows participants to savor the renowned services of Chiva-Som Hua Hin, Asia’s pioneering health retreat, within the comforts of SCOPE Langsuan. Our facilities fully support a health-focused lifestyle, offering experiences such as the Chiva-Som Signature Massage, expert neck, and shoulder massages, invigorating Super Stretch sessions, and various meditation practices.

Additionally, guests can engage in a delightful flower arrangement activity, “Flower Mandala,” hosted by the Holistic Department, with exclusive access for early attendees. Participants also have the invaluable opportunity to receive personalized counseling on holistic health issues. Our event menu showcases healthy cuisine crafted from carefully selected ingredients sourced from the resort’s organic garden, prepared by a chef specializing in wellness cuisine. SCOPE and its subsidiary, ACQUA, anticipate that such initiatives will leave a lasting impression, enhancing residents’ quality of life and reinforcing our reputation as leaders in delivering exceptional living experiences,” Mr. Yongyutt concluded.
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