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Red Bull Energy Soda hosts the RoV esports tournament

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Red Bull Energy Soda energizes the new generation’s passion hosts the RoV esports tournament and sponsors the Bangkok Sports Festival and Bangkok Esports 2024

“Red Bull” is reinforcing its leadership in the energy drink market by continuing to deliver exciting esports experiences tailored to the lifestyles of the new generation. The brand hosted the Red Bull Esports Tournament Energize Your Passion, an RoV contest that allowed fans to meet with Bacon Time, the legendary Thai esports team. Red Bull is also partnering with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to organize the Bangkok Sports Festival 2024 and Bangkok Esports 2024, energizing the passion of the next generation.

Mr. Anurak Teeralabhnanon, Associate Thailand Country Department Director at TCP Group, said, “Red Bull is committed to energizing the next generation to pursue their passions. This year, we kicked-off a major event by organizing an esports tournament for the first time in Thailand and supporting the esports competition at the Bangkok Sports Festival, organized by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration. We view esports as more than just a game; it’s a sport where players need energy to practice, use problem-solving skills, and think analytically. Red Bull will help fulfill the energy needs of gamers so they can enjoy the experience and unleash their potential to the fullest in every competitive game.

Red Bull has been focusing on its marketing strategies to tap into the insights of the new generation, particularly those passionate about esports, through brand sponsorships and by consistently supporting various esports tournaments to deliver exceptional gaming experiences alongside professional players. Additionally, Red Bull has created a platform for people who are passionate about gaming to ‘showcase their skills’, contributing significantly to the growing popularity of esports in Thailand. With a staggering 41 million gamers in the country, the esports market in Thailand holds immense potential for growth.

Red Bull recently hosted the Red Bull Esports Tournament Energize Your Passion, offering an exceptional experience for Thai gamers passionate about gaming. This first-ever competition for the popular game RoV in Thailand featured a total prize pool worth 50,000 baht. The online tournament was held in early April, with the offline finals taking place on April 27 at SCBX NEXT TECH Siam Paragon, where the RedKid7 team emerged victorious from among the 512 participating teams, totaling over 2,500 individuals. Red Bull also launched an Esports Academy camp featuring pro-players and influencers from the Bacon Time team who shared valuable tips through the Red Bull ESports TH page to help Thai gamers upskill, achieve higher-rankings, and unlock their potential for full enjoyment of the game. The event included exclusive activities, such as receiving signed jerseys from the Bacon Time team – a true collector’s item for real esports fans.

Red Bull partnered with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration to host the annual Bangkok Sports Festival 2024 throughout the month of May 2024, along with sponsoring the Bangkok Esports 2024 tournament, scheduled to take place from May 25-26 at the Bangkok Room, Airawat Pattana Building Bangkok City Hall, Din Daeng. The tournament will feature four esports titles: 1) Arena of Valor (RoV) (Team-based battles), 2) Free Fire (Team-based battles), 3) FC Online (Individual battles), and 4) Street Fighter VI (Individual battles).

“Red Bull Energy Soda is a revolutionary beverage that combines the benefits of an energy drink with the refreshing taste of soda. It offers a fruity aroma and is sugar-free, catering to gamers who prioritize health. This makes it the best solution for gamers who want to elevate their energy levels and conquer gaming challenges throughout the day. Gamers generally require sustained energy to power through practice sessions. It’s crucial to engage both the mind and body over extended periods, requiring focus, concentration, and sustained freshness. Red Bull Energy Soda, therefore, supports uninterrupted gaming sessions, ensuring smooth game play. Red Bull is committed to building a strong brand connection with gamers and the new generation, accommodating their diverse lifestyles and interests, thereby reinforcing its position as a leader in the energy drink market,” concluded Mr. Anurak.

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