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Kerry Express Launches Initiative to Empower Employees with Legal Knowledge,

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Kerry Express Launches Initiative to Empower Employees with Legal Knowledge, aiming at creating a socially responsible corporate.

Kerry Express (Thailand) Public Company Limited or KEX, the country’s leading express delivery provider, initiate to organize comprehensive training for over 10,000 employees nationwide to increase awareness of rules, regulations, offenses, and criminal penalties. This training aims to ensure the safe delivery of customer parcels and protection of company assets. The company partnered with the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB), with a team of four lecturers led by Pol. Lt. Col. Ekronnakarn Narkniyom, Deputy Superintendent of Sub -Division 1 ATPD, to deliver this essential knowledge to employees.

The transportation industry demands a deep understanding and strict adherence to the law. Kerry Express employs a large workforce to ensure smooth operations and the delivery of parcels from origin to recipient in perfect condition. Our employees are required to comply with established parcel delivery standards, operate with integrity, and understand that their actions are subject to inspection at every step with believing that by organizing educational programs, we can promote knowledge about relevant rules, regulations, laws, potential offenses, and associated criminal penalties. These programs will foster a positive attitude among participants, enabling them to grasp the principles of criminal law and the consequences of criminal activity. Ultimately, this initiative aims to reduce crime within our company and society, contributing to a safer living environment for all.

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