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Central Pattana Collaborates with Mineré for the Second Year of the Bottles Reborn Project

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Central Pattana Collaborates with Mineré for the Second Year of the Bottles Reborn Project, With Bottle Collection Points Across Central Food Park Locations. Supports Broader Bottle-to-Bottle Circularity.

Ms. Naritta Vipulyasekha,Business Executive Officer – Water Business Unit at Nestlé (Thai) Ltd. (left) and Mrs. Pattra Sapyaprapa, Executive of the Food Center Business Line – Central Pattana Public Company Limited (right)

Central Pattana Public Company Limited is collaborating with Nestlé (Thai) Limited, which bottles and distributes Nestlé Pure Life drinking water and Mineré natural mineral water, in the second year of the “Bottles Reborn” project, which supports broader Bottle-to-Bottle circularity by setting up collection points for recycling used bottles. In addition, Central Food Parks is offering planet-friendly Mineré bottles made from Recycled PET (rPET) in 500 ml and 750 ml sizes at 39 participating Central Food Park locations nationwide. The project aims to promote an eco-friendly lifestyle by motivating consumers to embrace the plastic bottle recycling process through three steps: crush bottle, close cap, and dispose in recycling bins. Consumers are encouraged to sort PET bottles post-consumption before putting them into the recycling process, which supports Nestlé’s overall commitment to reaching its Net Zero 2050 goals.

The Bottles Reborn project is building on the success of last year’s effort, which collected approximately 21 tons of PET bottles. This helped reduce greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 22 tons of CO2e, equivalent to planting 2,231 trees in one year. This project also supports the Thai government’s Bio-Circular-Green Economy (BCG) initiative by driving the Circular Economy and reducing waste to landfills. It includes educational initiatives to encourage Thai consumers to crush plastic bottles before placing them into recycling bins. Crushing bottles increases collection space in each bin by five times, ensuring more bottles per bin and reducing the number of used bottles in general waste by increasing bin capacity to enable continuous production of recycled rPET bottles. In its second year, the project’s target is to reach over 30 tons of bottles collected, an increase of over 40%, with more collection bins and a public awareness campaign.

Mrs. Pattra Sapyaprapa, Executive of the Food Center Business Line – Central Pattana Public Company Limited, said, “Central Pattana conducts our business with an environmental focus, committed to becoming a green shopping center through tangible measures for resource and environmental management. We have established guidelines for sustainable development across three dimensions: the economy, society, and environment, adhering to the principle of creating shared value for consumers, communities, and society. We are thrilled to collaborate with Nestlé and Mineré for the second year on the ‘Bottles Reborn’ project, aimed at raising awareness and promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle among our customers who visit and use services at our food parks. This project aligns with our sustainability policy of focusing on reducing waste that impacts the environment, which encompasses enhanced waste sorting and disposal processes and methods.”

Ms. Naritta Vipulyasekha, Business Executive Officer – Water Business Unit at Nestlé (Thai) Ltd., said, “Building on last year’s success, we have seen increased consumer awareness and active participation in recycling used bottles. This has helped to increase the recycling of plastic bottles. Nestlé is continuing our collaboration with Central Pattana to set up 39 bottle collection points at food parks along with selling Mineré natural mineral water in eco-friendly rPET bottles made from recycled plastic, which can be endlessly recycled into new packaging. This initiative aims to close the loop and prevent plastic waste from reaching landfills, providing a sustainable option for health-conscious consumers. It aligns with Nestlé’s global ambition of reducing the use of virgin plastic by one-third by 2025 and achieving the company’s Net Zero goal by 2050. We encourage consumers to participate by bringing their used plastic water bottles to Central Food Park’s PET collection points, helping to achieve full loop recycling for a more sustainable world.”

Nestlé and Central Pattana launched the Bottles Reborn Year 2 project at Food Ville on the second floor of Central Westville Shopping Center. The event featured various booths and activities that provided information about Central Pattana and Nestlé’s commitment to improving the quality of life and environmental and social well-being by reducing the use of virgin plastic and putting plastic bottles into the recycling loop. The project also educates consumers about sorting PET bottles and recycling practices to promote sustainable environmental behaviors.

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