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LISTERINE®: The #1 global mouthwash brand enhances oral health care in Thailand

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LISTERINE®: The #1 global mouthwash brand enhances oral health care in Thailand

  • One in five Thais who are aged 15 and above suffer from severe gum, or periodontal, disease despite brushing and flossing.
  • The top three oral health issues in Thailand are tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, and bad breath.

Photo caption: Mr.Ravi Bordia, General Manager for LISTERINE®Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar and Ms.Chaweena Chitsomboon, Marketing Director, LISTERINE®, Thailand and CLM., organized the LISTERINE LABS event to promote The #1 global mouthwash brand, enhances oral health care in Thailand

Over a third of the global population suffers from untreated cavities. In Thailand, approximately 20% of individuals aged 15 and older are affected by severe gum or periodontal disease. Concerningly, when they reach their twenties, 6.6% experience total tooth loss.

While brushing and flossing twice daily are essential components of standard oral care, the practice of cleaning between the teeth is often neglected. Only 4.3% of 15-year-old teenagers regularly floss, and among adults aged 35 to 44, the rate is only slightly higher at 14.7%. Moreover, a nationwide study reveals that dental caries affect 91.8% of individuals within the 35-44 age group, highlighting a critical need for better dental hygiene practices.


One common myth is that brushing and flossing alone are enough to maintain a clean and healthy mouth. However, these practices only clean about a quarter of the mouth’s surfaces, leaving germs lurking in hard-to-reach areas, such as under the gumlines. Inadequate nighttime cleaning allows these germs to multiply up to ten times while one sleeps, leading to plaque buildup that is up to 1000 times harder to remove over time. Overtime, the plaque can result in gum disease that damages the soft tissue around teeth and when left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss.

Contrary to the belief that mouthwash is only for freshening breath, incorporating it into a daily oral hygiene routine alongside brushing and flossing can significantly enhance oral health. Studies have shown that by including mouthwash to their daily routine of brushing and cleaning between the teeth/flossing can greatly reduce plaque by 52 per cent at six months and reduce other gum problems by 21 per cent. LISTERINE®, powered by four essential oils (eucalyptol, menthol, methyl salicylate, and thymol), reduces plaque by 22.2 per cent and other gum problems by 28.2 per cent at six months. The four essential oils in LISTERINE® penetrate deeper  into the bottom layers of the plaque biofilm, breaking down its structure in places that are more difficult for a toothbrush or interdental cleaning device to access, all the way to underneath the gumline.

“LISTERINE® reduces 99.9 per cent of bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque and gum problems while providing 24-hour bacteria defense. As the #1 daily use mouthwash brand, our line of mouthwashes is clinically proven through rigorous clinical studies that validate their effectiveness with evidence-based data. LISTERINE® is on a mission to inspire the world to discover the transformative impact of a healthy mouth with our clinically researched breakthrough formula, which offers 5x more plaque reduction. “Our commitment is to guide Thai consumers towards comprehensive oral care that extends beyond brushing, promoting a healthy mouth as a fundamental step towards a healthier life”,” said Chaweena Chitsomboon, Marketing Director, LISTERINE®, Thailand and CLM.

The top three oral health Issues in Thailand are tooth decay (49 per cent), tooth sensitivity (39 per cent) and bad breath (30 per cent). “We only have one set of teeth. Once lost, they can never grow back. Without your teeth, your well-being, self-esteem, and quality of life can be adversely impacted,” added Chaweena Chitsomboon. “The mindset shift must happen from restorative to preventive. Cultivating good oral health self-care at home by adding twice daily swishing of mouthwash may prevent the early onset of tooth decay and gum diseases. Complete the clean with LISTERINE®.”

Oral care and mouthwash fact:

The size of the global mouthwash market is estimated to be USD 6.07 billion in 2024 and is expected to reach USD 7.60 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 4.56% during the forecast period (2024-2029).

Product information

LISTERINE® Total Care Zero

one of the innovations highlighted, is specially formulated with the unique blend of essential oils to provide advanced protection. This alcohol-free mouthwash is designed for comprehensive care, offering 10 in 1 benefit including reduces bacteria that cause bad breath, plaque and gum problems.

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