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TCP Group launches the new “TCP WEnergy for the world”

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TCP Group launches the new “TCP WEnergy for the world” campaign inviting everyone to energize the world with year-round sustainable activities

Creates a new eco-conscious advertisement, organizes an eco-running event, and encourages consumers to return packaging to win special prizes

TCP Group has launched the “TCP WEnergy for the world” campaign, highlighting its goal of developing sustainable packaging by 2024 and promoting collective action to create positive impacts for society and the environment. The campaign prioritizes eco-friendly and sustainable activities while encouraging consumer engagement throughout the year. For example, creating an advertisement from reused footage helps reduce production resources, while the “TCP WEnergy – re.run 2024,” a 3R running event, encourages everyone to reduce – reuse – recycle, contributing to zero waste. Additionally, the “Get Free Drinks All Year Long, Let’s Recycle Forever” lucky draw offers consumers the chance to win special prizes by returning packaging, emphasizing that collaborative efforts can have a tremendous impact and reenergize the world.

Ms. Arjaree Suwangool, Corporate Affairs & Communications Department Director of TCP Group, said, “As a leading energy drinks company that has been energizing Thais for decades, TCP Group is dedicated to energizing a better world for all. We aim to continuously create positive impact on society and the environment. This year, we initiated the ‘TCP WEnergy for the world’ campaign, which includes a series of engaging activities that involve consumers and emphasize global responsibility to achieve the goal of all TCP Group packaging becoming 100% recyclable by the end of the year.”

TCP Group sparked the idea to create a new environmentally friendly advertisement from reused footage.

The “TCP WEnergy for the world” campaign unveiled its advertisement with a creative approach to environmentally conscious production, minimizing disturbance to the world. By reusing footage from old ads, the campaign crafts a fresh narrative urging everyone to join forces in activities to help conserve resources and restore the world’s energy to the fullest. This type of advertising production helps reduce carbon emissions because there is no need to go on location for shooting, which reduces travel and the use of new resources, promoting carbon neutrality – one of the TCP Group’s sustainability goals. Watch the advertisement at: YouTube TCPGroupThailand and Facebook TCP Group.

Applications are now open for the TCP WEnergy – re.run 2024, an event designed for both runners and environmental enthusiasts.

The TCP WEnergy – re.run 2024 is organized under the 3R concept: reduce – reuse – recycle to enhance zero waste. This running event is unique in its strong purpose to promote the recycling of materials and closed-loop waste reduction, featuring running shirts and medals made from recycled plastic. Participants are encouraged to contribute to environmental regeneration by donating unused T-shirts and old medals, which will be redistributed to those in need. Additionally, the event includes a special activity to collect and recycle TCP Group’s packaging such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and glass bottles, with opportunities to win prizes. TCP Group has collaborated with partners Grungthaigroup and C3Leng to host this event and other activities as part of the TCP WEnergy for the world campaign throughout the year.

The TCP WEnergy – re.run 2024 is set for Sunday, June 30, 2024. Follow the event at: Facebook TCP Group. Participants can choose between two distances: a Micro Marathon of 5.5 km (limited to 500 runners) with a registration fee of 350 baht, or a Mini Marathon of 10.5 km (limited to 700 runners) with a registration fee of 450 baht. The run is categorized by gender and age groups. Winners will receive trophies, prize money, and products from TCP Group. All environmentally conscious runners are encouraged to join this effort to reenergize the world. Register online at: https://www.runlah.com/events/tcpwenergyre.run2024 from today until June 16, 2024, or until all slots are filled.

Those who are unable to participate in the run can also help save the world as TCP Group is going to organize a lucky draw called “Drink-Separate-Get Reward” with the concept of “Get Free Drinks All Year Long, Let’s Recycle Forever.” Participants have a chance to be the lucky winner of a special prize! Follow the event at: Facebook TCP Group.

“In addition to our goals for sustainable packaging, TCP Group collaborates with partners who specialize in various sectors to enhance packaging collecting and recycling. Furthermore, we are operating our business by dedicating ourselves to energizing everyone with beverages that promote physical and mental well-being. We are engaging the community through a range of activities in the ‘TCP WEnergy for the world’ campaign, including the advertisement made from reused footage, eco-friendly running events, and the Drink-Separate-Get Reward activity. Together, these efforts will reenergize our world and create a lasting positive impact,” concluded Ms. Arjaree.

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