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Plus Property introduces ‘PLUS Consultancy Service’

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Plus Property introduces ‘PLUS Consultancy Service’ Relying on expertise garnered from +30 years of experience To provide advice to customers to strengthen their business

Plus Property Company Limited (PLUS) launches “PLUS Consultancy Service”, which is a complete real estate consulting service, showcasing the Company’s strength accumulated from over 30 years of experience. This specialised expert service, designed to fulfill the needs of customers seeking crucial and strategic advice, has been created as a differentiating selling point amidst intense competition. PLUS has the advantage of the Company’s expertise in the real estate service business while it has set the goal to be No.1 brand in the hearts of leading organisations and win their complete trust.

Mr. Anukul Ratpitaksanti, Managing Director of Plus Property Company Limited, said, “Plus Property is committed to continuous service development relying on more than 30 years of experience – with the Company’s core business that includes Living Management (housing care services and juristic person management), Facility Management (commercial building management), LIV-24 intelligent security technology, and the Sale Agent Management & Brokerage Service for buying, selling, renting of properties, and project sales consultants. In essence, PLUS focuses on businesses in which the Company has full expertise. This has enabled it to completely understand the needs of customers who look for real estate consultancy services in order to cope with new challenges, to increase work efficiency and to drive business growth.

Currently, an increasing number of customers have been calling for advice in relation to PLUS expertise. Therefore, the Company has designed services to suit the needs of the customers so that they would have more options to choose. Most recently, “PLUS Consultancy Service” was launched as an integrated real estate consulting service provider. The new service is manned with a full team of professional experts in all relevant areas. This is because some problems, if not managed professionally, may result in errors and wasted time, budget and human resources. But with PLUS Consultancy Service, customers will experience minimal procedures as PLUS experts can provide consultation that is directly focused on problem areas. Thus, this new service is similar to a “one-stop” service that is ready to provide targeted advice and take care of customers all throughout the process with convenience, speed, reliability And well within budget.”

PLUS Consultancy Service has high expertise in two main business areas, namely:

1.Providing consultation on real estate developments

Project Development: PLUS specialises in the study, analysis, planning and development of all types of residential real estate projects, including horizontal projects, high-rise projects and luxurious villas. Our team has accumulated knowledge and experience over a long period of time and is ready to present appropriate project development guidelines with consideration to the potentiality of the location, customers’ needs in the market, conducting studies and collecting market analyses data. Also included in the package are studies of financial and investment possibilities.

  • Sales & Marketing: PLUS team of sales and marketing experts is ready to help customers plan strategies, set selling prices, define customer groups and create marketing campaigns that resonate with target customers. The team is adept at effectively presenting the highlights of the project to attract attention and stimulate sales. Also included in this service is the analysis of the market and the competitors with the team’s experience and in-depth understanding of consumer behaviour.
  • Luxury Service Design: The trend of luxury projects in the real estate market continues to grow. This has led real estate developers to find distinguishable differences so as to gain competitive advantage in the market. PLUS can help design a superior living experience to cater to the superlative lifestyle needs of customers in specific segments, by providing appropriate attention to details, such as the procedure to take care of customers to uplift the standard and create good memory, designing exclusive services that match the project concept, designing the atmosphere within the project encompassing all senses, such as form, flavour, scent and melody, as well as selecting and training the staff to ultimately possess the “Luxury DNA” to inspire the prospective customers from their very first steps into the project – and more importantly, to elevate the image of the project to be above those of competitors’.

2.Providing consultation on property management

  • Operation & Maintenance: Currently, there are many real estate developers who have expanded their businesses into the residential segment. They may include building contractors and hoteliers, etc. However, these operators have had no experience in residential project management, thus, they would need a team of professionals to provide consultation at every stage of the operation of the project, from project design to aftersales management, including juristic person management to solve specific problems. PLUS can provide consultation on the proper setup of a juristic person in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. The team can also design common areas in the project that will satisfy the changing customer behaviour, design “customer journey” and allocating space to perfectly suit their lifestyles. Also crucial is setting the fee for central management that will be adequate to pay for expenses such as periodic maintenance work, and the selection of contractors. In the case of a luxury project that comes with various specialised services, these will all be taken into account as expenses will be required to maintain the project in such a way that will always meet the demand of the residents. It is also important to ensure the physical appearance of the project to be the same as on its very first day, which will help to increase the value of the project overtime.
  • Facility Inspection & Analysis: According to building laws in Thailand, the requirement is to inspect and maintain the buildings regularly to ensure their load-bearing capability and to prevent any possible accidents that may occur. PLUS has in hand the proper and professional plans for inspection, analysis and maintenance of the buildings, with the team’s knowledge and experience in engineering that involves structural inspection, detailed advanced planning covering electrical system, plumbing system, air conditioning system and other systems. Most of these systems are costly, therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are needed to ensure their service lifespan and to save costs in the long term.
  • ESG & Energy Saving: The challenge in maintaining buildings today is that building owners must increasingly consider their impact on the environment. PLUS can provide consultation and propose ways to save energy, support sustainable business operation, analyse energy utilisation of the building, plan and control energy usage for maximum efficiency, introduce appropriate technology for system installations, such as adopting renewable energy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, installing a system to treat wastewater before releasing it externally. All these systems, aside from helping to reduce expenses, they also help to create an image of an environmentally-friendly organisation – a modern organisation that has adopted AI technology in its business operation.

“PLUS is an organisation that has the expertise in comprehensive real estate operation to bring out the potential of people, together with organisational knowledge and experience combined with the use of specialised technology, while being an effective consultant to customers. Therefore, employing a capable consulting company is another tool that must be taken into consideration in an era where technological changes occur quickly. Various business organisations find it necessary to continuously adapt and find new solutions in a bid to cope with ever-changing business challenges and opportunities. PLUS, as an integrated real estate consultant, is ready to provide appropriate advice and solutions to help customers achieve their business objectives and create a sustainable competitive advantage,” Mr. Anukul concluded.

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