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Ajinomoto Unveils 2035 Well-Being Plan for a Hyper-Aged Society Seeking Partners

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Ajinomoto Unveils 2035 Well-Being Plan for a Hyper-Aged Society Seeking Partners to Raise Awareness and Enhance the Quality of Life of Over 4-Million Seniors

Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand), Ltd. has launched a plan to enhance the well-being of Thai society in preparation for the country’s transition to a hyper-aged society by 2035. This initiative aims to increase awareness and proactively address physical fitness issues for over four million seniors, helping them stay fit, and move independently and confidently. The company is collaborating with partners across various sectors to support these efforts. The plan includes activities under the theme “Eat Well, Live Well,” encouraging seniors to fully enjoy their post-retirement life with their families. As part of this initiative, Ajinomoto is promoting the consumption of ‘AminoMOF,’ an innovative amino acid dietary supplement mixed with collagen, specifically designed for the elderly. ‘AminoMOF’ is rich in leucine and eight other essential amino acids that effectively help restore muscles and joints. This product has already received widespread acceptance in Japan.

Mr. Ichiro Sakakura, President of Ajinomoto Co., (Thailand) Ltd., said, “According to the Department of Older Persons, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand has the third fastest growing elderly population in the world and ranks second in ASEAN after Singapore. Caring for the elderly, who make up one in five of Thailand’s 66 million population and are set to form a hyper-aged society by 2035, poses a significant challenge. Thailand must plan and adapt its policies and structures for the long-term. This aligns with the Ajinomoto Group’s key goals for sustainable development by 2030 and its new vision as a leader in promoting well-being for Thai society. By offering food and health products, Ajinomoto aims to help Thais ‘Eat Well, Live Well’ through the application of AminoScience, leveraging our expertise since the company’s inception.”

“A study by Ajinomoto found that over four million elderly Thais face the risk of muscle weakness, moving slowly, or having difficulty traveling long distances. To address this, we have applied the science of amino acids (AminoScience) to create ‘AminoMOF,’ a dietary supplement designed for the elderly. ‘AminoMOF’ is packed with leucine and eight other essential amino acids that the body cannot produce on its own, totaling 3,000 mg. This supplement provides an alternative for strengthening and maintaining muscle mass, supporting bones and joints, and preparing for and maintaining health in old age. Each five-gram packet contains no sugar, absorbs quickly, and provides 20 kilocalories of energy, equivalent to consuming 20 grams of whey protein.”

The highlight of “AminoMOF” is its ability to address the lifestyle needs and physical fitness challenges of Thai seniors, helping them to become fit, move quickly, freely, and confidently. It enables them to enjoy their retirement fully, participating in activities with family and loved ones to the fullest.

“We aim to increase awareness and encourage seniors and their families to recognize physical deterioration and prepare properly. Our goal is to collaborate with partners across all sectors to create engaging activities and expand distribution channels that cater to the purchasing behaviors of the elderly. In addition to our LINE account and Facebook presence, we are organizing promotional activities through social networks and online stores such as Shopee, Lazada, and TikTokShop. We are also expanding sales channels to include drugstores, with the aim of reaching 26,000 elderly people by 2024,” concluded Mr. Sakakura.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suwimol Sapwarobon, Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Education, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, stated at the “Well-Being Talk: Aging Society, Happy Elderly” seminar that, “Elderly people aged 60 years and over should consume 1-1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. However, most do not meet this requirement due to insufficient exercise and issues with protein absorption. Additionally, they tend to consume less meat, eggs, and milk, and often find food unappealing, leading to weakened muscles and limited mobility, resulting in insufficient protein intake. To counteract this, the consumption of amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein, can be a beneficial alternative for tissue repair and muscle strengthening. Furthermore, a varied diet from all five food groups is essential. It is recommended to consume up to five handfuls of fruits and vegetables daily, including foods of all five colors: green, yellow or orange, red, blue or purple, and white or brown.”

In the past, “AminoMOF” has initiated the idea of “Happy Youth Day” in collaboration with the Nation Group in organizing a seminar on the topics “Well-Being Talk: Aging Society, Happy Elderly” and “Charming 60+: Fit Body, Strong Health” to share information and experiences that cater to the needs of an aging society, promoting a “Happy and Active Elderly.” The seminar emphasized the importance of nutrition and the role of amino acids in strengthening proteins and enhancing the taste of food. Experts from various fields, such as Associate Professor Dr. Suwimol Sapwarobon, Dr. Jira Thawornpradit, Dr. Sanga Damaphong, Nirut Sirichanya, Fahsai Puengudom, and Sineenat Hatrakul, shared their insights. Additionally, activities like “The Real Local Guide,” in collaboration with Young Happy, were organized to promote participation and inspiration. Elderly consumers were invited to engage in stylish living with friends and family through the “Sukkai Sukjai (Happy Body and Mind)” program, which included a three-hour fun-filled walking tour to explore local favorites with an experienced local guide. Communication through KOLs was also employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of continuously consuming AminoMOF.

Ken, one of the three local guides, is 63 years old. He noted, “I’m glad to return to a happier life. I’ve fulfilled my dream of sharing the prosperity of the Nang Loeng area with everyone. It has also inspired people of my age to take charge of their health, to come out, and engage in activities with friends and family again. I believe that ‘if we can still walk, we can still have dreams.’ Therefore, it’s important to take care of our physical health by eating nutritious foods like AminoMOF, which helps strengthen muscles and supports bones and joints. This way, we can continue to enjoy doing what we love.”

For more details on activities under the concept of “Happy Elderly” by AminoMOF, follow Ajinomoto Amino House on Facebook.

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