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New Luxury Vibes Central Phuket, A combination of the first and only luxury brands with a world-class shopping

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New Luxury Vibes Central Phuket, A combination of the first and only luxury brands with a world-class shopping experience at the heart of the globally renowned seaside city

  • Transmitting a world-class shopping experience in the heart of the world-class seaside city with CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN launching the “Loubi’s on the beach” Pop-up Store, the first in Southeast Asia, along with an exclusive collection unique to the world. GUCCI expands its space, renovating to welcome the latest collections, alongside ultra-exclusive items, ushering in a collection of happiness. LOUIS VUITTON introduces a Pop-up Store welcoming the Men’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection from Pharrell Williams.
  • Central Phuket, the only landmark in Thailand that brings together Beach Collection from various renowned brands in one place, reaffirming the importance of destination choices from these prominent brands by pinning down the spotlight from Bangkok. With the potential of Phuket Province, which generates economic revenue from tourism of over 360 billion baht per year (from Jan 1 – Mar 10 ‘24)*.
  • Central Pattana continues to stimulate tourism and push Phuket as a world-class tourist destination, In accordance with the latest data, Traffic Recovery in 2023 increased by 120% from 2019, and if counting the number of foreign tourists with the highest purchasing power from the top 5 countries, namely China, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States, in 2023, Thailand welcomed more than 3.5 million Chinese tourists.

CentralPhuket shopping center reaffirms its position as a Global Destination, a world-class beach lifestyle destination that offers a world-class shopping experience combined with luxury and relaxation for tourists from around the world in all dimensions. Welcome 3 world-renowned brands, namely CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, GUCCI and LOUIS VUITTON, to strengthen the world-class strength, the largest in the South. By Central Phuket, the only landmark in Thailand that gathers Beach Collections from famous brands in one place, on par with world-class beach cities such as Santorini, Miami Beach, Riviera, Hawaii, Jeju Island and Okinawa.

Dr. Nattakit Tangpoonsinthana, Chief Marketing Officer for Central Pattana plc, said “Central Phuket is a crucial destination that global brands select, apart from Bangkok, leveraging the potential of Phuket Province as a world-class tourist city and a province that generates economic revenue from tourism of over 360 billion Baht annually (from Jan 1 – Mar 10 ‘24)*. It attracts both Thai and international visitors, complemented by the strategic location of Central Phuket, situated in the heart of the city, serving as a landmark for locals and international visitors alike, resulting in a traffic recovery in 2023, rising by 120% from 2019, with the highest spending international tourists coming from five countries: China, Russia, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United States. In 2023, Thailand welcomed over 3.5 million Chinese tourists. And from the data found, it is estimated that the luxury goods market in Thailand, valued at approximately 1.6 trillion baht, is expected to expand with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5.62% until 2028, nearing the luxury goods market in Singapore, which currently has a value of about 1.4 trillion baht (source: Bloomberg). Central Phuket as the first luxury shopping destination outside Bangkok,  has gathered a comprehensive collection of world-class luxury brands including BALENCIAGA, BOTTEGA VENETA, BURBERRY, CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, DIOR, GUCCI, HERMÈS, LOUIS VUITTON, OMEGA, PMT THE HOUR GLASS, SAINT LAURENT, VERSACE, ZEGNA, Opening soon in 2024 : PRADA and many more.

The three leading luxury brands emphasize the “New Luxury Vibes” phenomenon by presenting an exclusive collection to welcome high purchasing power.

  • Only in the world – First in Southeast Asia with CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN launching “Loubi’s on the beach” Pop-up Store, creating a space to be a Tropical Paradise for fashion lovers and enthusiasts. Combining luxury in a beach style, creating a shopping experience that is full of fun and unforgettable. With the pop-up in red and white tones, the signature of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN’s powerful red-soled shoes, everyone can choose to shop for iconic shoe collections and accessories. Special, meet the limited items in the CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN 2024 Summer Collection, which will be available exclusively at Central Phuket only in the world.
  • The ultimate in special – GUCCI expands its space and transforms its look to welcome the latest collection. The boutique has been created with a new definition at Central Phuket, presenting a diverse selection for both men and women, including clothing, bags, shoes, fine jewelry and accessories, as well as Gucci Décor homeware and exclusive special items, all of which have been collected at this boutique.
  • The ultimate in luxury – LOUIS VUITTON opens a special Pop-up Store to welcome the Men’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection by Pharrell Williams, the brand’s new creative director of men’s collections. The space is decorated with the brand’s signature Damier pattern. This store is also one of 50 Pop-up Stores around the world that have been created to celebrate this special collection. Find men’s clothing, shoes, bags and accessories at the Louis Vuitton Pop-up Store from today until March 31, 2024.

Central Phuket is more than just a shopping destination, catering to all lifestyles around the world

Apart from world-class luxury brands, which are ready to join forces to enhance the world-class strength, Central Phuket is more than just a lifestyle and shopping destination. It enriches the experience beyond boundaries, fulfilling every aspect of lifestyle for tourists from around the globe. For the first time and only in Thailand, Central Phuket presents the luxurious underwater restaurant “Su Va Na Phuket” offering “The Ultimate Dining Experience, inviting everyone to indulge and immerse themselves in exquisite cuisine crafted by renowned chef “Chef Atanu” who curates uniquely special taste menus using the finest ingredients from around the world. Amidst the underwater ambiance of Aquaria Phuket, the most modern and sophisticated aquarium in Phuket, and the largest aquarium in Thailand, surrounded by over 25,000 marine animals, Central Phuket is ready to provide everyone from every corner of the world with the ultimate unmatched experience here and only here.

*The reference data is from the tourism statistics of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, year 2024.

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