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Singha Estate steps into its 3rd year of “Pleuk Pa Duay Plai New”

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Singha Estate steps into its 3rd year of “Pleuk Pa Duay Plai New” continuing to plant a million square meters of forest to create green spaces and become an integrated carbon-neutral organization in line with the “Go Beyond Dreams” philosophy

Singha Estate Public Company Limited (SET: S), a leading conglomerate in real estate investment and development, operating both in Thailand and globally, is proactively driving sustainability efforts under the ethos of “Go Beyond Dreams”. This philosophy aims to solidify the foundation for reaching the carbon neutrality goal by 2030 through the “Pleuk Pa Duay Plai New” project or Million Trees for Tomorrow: Expanding Green Conservation by Singha Estate Group – now in its third year since its inception in 2022, to plant one million square meters of forest by 2025.

The “Million Trees for Tomorrow” project embodies the ethos of “Go Beyond Dreams” in the strategic approach of “Go Exceed, Go Exist,” targeting to foster sustainable growth through balance across all dimensions: community, society, and environment. The project’s objective is to expand green areas as carbon sinks at a 1:1 ratio. To elaborate, Singha Estate is committed to nurturing one square meter of forest for every square meter developed. Covering a total area of 634 rai, the project has already planted 6,200 trees over the past two years, marking progress of over 20%. This year, Singha Estate has prepared indigenous plant species, including Yellow Star trees, to further enhance green spaces and aid carbon sequestration efforts to address the root causes of the greenhouse effect.

Mrs. Thitima Rungkwansiriroj, Chief Executive Officer of Singha Estate Public Company Limited (SET: S), stated: “This year, the Million Trees for Tomorrow project has entered its third year. Our goal is to reach one million square meters of forest by 2025 with a long-term target set at 10 years. This commitment stems from the company’s steadfast dedication to prepare for climate change through proactive work, production process adjustments, and strategies to ensure sustainable operations and development in all aspects. Over the past years, we started raising awareness regarding environmental issues. With this project, we aim to cover three areas – Thailand’s Northern, Central, and Southern regions, including 1) Watershed Forest at Singha Park Chiang Rai, due to its naturally abundant terrain that helps expand green areas and restore the forest; 2) Urban Forest in Bangkok, to create green spaces through various Singha Estate projects, such as a public park in front of S-OASIS and Singha Complex, maintenance of existing large trees of all projects, etc.; 3) Mangrove Forest on Phi Phi Island, Krabi, including an overseas project – CROSSROADS Maldives. We are determined to conserve large marine areas with high biodiversity covering up to 3 million square meters in total. All of these endeavors are geared towards achieving carbon neutrality and becoming a Carbon-Neutral Organization by 2030 as per the set goal. We believe that initiating these projects reflects our ‘Go Beyond Dreams’ mission excellently.”

The “Million Trees for Tomorrow” project is a vital component of our sustainable development strategy, expanding carbon absorption areas and carbon storage facilities by one million square meters through the “Go Exceed, Go Exist” strategy, which encompasses three main pillars.

  1. Climate Resilience Model Setting targets for GHG emissions in alignment with Thailand’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC), aiming for a 40% reduction to achieve carbon neutrality.
  2. Nature-Based Solutions Focusing on biodiversity conservation, encompassing both terrestrial and marine ecosystems, adhering to IUCN Green List Standards. These solutions aim to prevent, mitigate, restore, and compensate for environmental impacts on biodiversity.
  3. Enriching Society Serving as a central hub for cultivating quality communities through more than 30 projects, impacting over 1,000,000 individuals across operations, spanning 5 countries and diverse business sectors.

Mr. Chawarn Khongsup, General Manager, Singha Park Chiangrai Co., Ltd., stated: “On behalf of Singha Park Chiang Rai, I am immensely pleased to collaborate with Singha Estate on the Million Trees for Tomorrow Project. Our joint efforts in planting and nurturing green spaces in this area have yielded remarkable results, from the initial planting phase to the project’s third year. We’ve witnessed tangible changes, particularly in the expansion of watershed forests in the Northern region. Singha Park Chiang Rai’s location, adjacent to natural watershed forests teeming with biodiversity, makes it an ideal site for watershed forest restoration. It’s truly an honor to contribute to the creation of a healthier environment, not only within Chiang Rai Province but also in the restoration of nature and the promotion of environmental well-being for all.”

Singha Estate aims the Million Trees for Tomorrow to actively absorb carbon dioxide emissions and recognizes reforestation as akin to nurturing the lifeline of ecosystems. Thriving watershed forests lead to enhanced biodiversity and environmental enrichment. This project operates year-round, involving local communities in both planting and managing forests. This not only fosters social capital and economic value within communities but also environmental stewardship and biodiversity. Moreover, it contributes to cleaner air and helps mitigate global warming. These efforts are in perfect alignment with the vision of Entrusted and Value Enricher, dedicated to creating sustainable value and enduring growth.

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